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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.

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Favourite MLP things · 5:40pm February 5th

I just thought I'd write a top 5 list of MLP fanfictions that I love. Now these aren't in order because who cares.

1. Fallout Equestria- One of the first Fanfictions of MLP I found and thanks to Visualpony the Narrator I was able to listen to it because I'm a very slow reader. Steelhooves became one of my favourite characters and I loved Littlepip.

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2195020 Hmm could have but I wanted something I drew myself.

I'm surprise you don't have a picture of Garfield (from the comic book) for your avatar.

Hmm. Honestly I believe that unless the ownership of the show trades hands that they will never deal with a tough subject like death or lost loved ones directly. The best we'll probably get is Tanks for the Memories (which I think was brilliant). I also follow Silverquill and agree on a lot of things that he talks about. However I am also a pragmatist and believe that there are certain things or storylines that Hasbro may never touch for their beloved cartoon show. I'm actually pretty recent to fan fiction in general but I've come to accept these fan stories as substitutes to the stories I may never see. I agree that the writers should try to push the envelope and add parental stories, but I'm unsure if they ever will. Still, some of the stories written on this site are mind bogglingly good and I'm content with this fandom having two separate worlds. The Fanon and the Canon. Here's hoping that someday we'll live in a world where they coexist in perfect harmony!

2045519 Hmm very good points but defining ages goes out the window with two words and they are Equestria Girls. I know that's cheating but consider that if they didn't want to define their ages, they shouldn't have made Equestria Girls because it has allowed fans like the Brony Notion to estimate ages. Another interesting thing is a comic dub I watched on Youtube recently called Motherless Day. It is the one thing that made me eager to see Twilight Velvet above all others make an appearance and you can't deny who Twilight Velvet looks like the Generation 1, Twilight. Here watch the comic, it puts forward the best case as to why Twilight Velvet should appear.

So that she can meet the mane six and see who helped her daughter become more social and less introverted. It also has the fan who's opinion is always worth giving some thought to, Silverquill! Silverquill always has made strong points to arguments like the issue of Spike's roll within the show. I suppose I'm just being too passionate about a small point but I was a Power Ranger fan before I became a brony and one of my favourite seasons (Time Force) had a great Father/son conflict. My Little Pony shouldn't be afraid to have parents in the show because coming back to the defining ages thing, it doesn't define their ages to have parents and even if it did, why should it matter.
Applejack is my favourite of the mane six and that thing she said in Crusaders of the lost mark has left me a little shocked. I hope in season 6 or in anything that follows season 6 we get an explanation for what happened to Applejack's parents and maybe Pinkie's parents could help Applebloom and Applejack adjust to the lack of parents.

I hear ya man! I was pretty surprised and angry myself during Made in Manehattan when Applejack's hat got trashed and no one gave a flying hoof about it. Sure that's head canon that it was her dead parents hat but it was a fact that many fans had come to consider central to her character. The issue with parents in the series though is that they don't want the mane six to be defined by age. Parents being more incorporated means that either they are going to start to fussing over their children or try to be more active in their lives. This is why I loved Hearthbreakers and Brotherhooves Social. Hearthbreakers showed Pinkie's parents as relatively older ponies that are, for the most part, retired since her sisters Limestone and Marble said that they take care of the farm. This indicates that Pinkie is at an age where she could be living on her own and validates everything we've seen about the character so far. As for Brotherhooves Social, Big Mac and Granny Smith are the closest things to parental figures Applebloom has. However, Big Mac is still a brother and brothers have faults and feelings of familial loyalty different than that of parents. Big Mac's explanation of his actions in the episode validates the close relationship we assumed about the Apple family after the loss of their loved ones without specifically bringing up the fact that their parents are gone. Do I wish the parents were in more episodes: Yes. Do I think they need to be in more episodes: No. This season has proven that with good writing any relationship can be explained through good dialogue and character moments even when the ponies aren't there in person. Still, I have a pretty good feeling that we'll eventually see more of them down the line. There's always Season 6.

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