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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.


The lost Island of Culminis has reappeared and with it a mysterious stallion returns to Equestria after many centuries of absence. His goals, objectives and even his story isn't fully known. Lost to myth, legend and more. Is the Prince of Silence even a friend? Twilight and her friends will learn secrets that will not be easy to forget.

Warning: I began work on this story back in February of 2016. So it is dated and season six's opening made me lose the will to even finish the first chapter but I picked it up again. It's been really slow going but I decided to try publishing it. I know these excuses won't make you like it or dislike it any more or less. I just felt I needed to give you fair warning.

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Do you really want an editor? If yes, I will give you honest feedback along with grammar edits. Make sure you actually want to improve, because I will be harsh.

A harsh review is probably better than a soft response so yeah....please...be as harsh as you feel is needed. As for an editor yeah I need one for almost all the work I do. It's hard to explain but I let the idea get ahead of me and I need someone to bring my ideas under control as it were. So if you feel up to it, go right ahead. However I will ask one big favour...if one of the feedback comments concerns the CMC involvement in the story, I'd like to run past you in a message about why they're in the story.

By all means explain why things are the way they are, but I'll be approaching your work from the perspective of someone with no Word of God.
I'll be able to work on it at about 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time when I'm at home. How would you prefer me to edit? Google docs?

However you feel is best. Would an email address make things easier? I'm working off GMT so fair warning on that. As for the story's outline I'll send a message later with a proper layout of what work I've done to this point. Thank you again

Any relation to the song?

Disregard the comment then, I hated the song anyway :pinkiehappy:

Oh okay....um thanks for the comment.

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