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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.


This story is a sequel to Equestria Crossover Confusion

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are collected by Whis to go to the world that use to be filled with such hope and promise. Death, Tragedy and an unspoken crime has resulted in an alternate world where strong people, are close to collapse and their hearts as fragile as cracked glass. Pinkie and Rainbow will have three weeks to save this world, return the Digi Destined their lost faith and courage! They have also an old enemy eager for revenge and new friends waiting for help.

(Please note because it's not finished it's run, I will be ignoring Digimon Tri, it's just I haven't watched it all yet so if my story contradicts it....I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me)

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Whow this just got nightmareishly dark.
as for digimon partners. Pinkie: Gotsumon. Rainbow: Falcomon.

7239822 Thank you for the suggestions. As for the nightmarish thing, yeah that's what I was going for, I'm also hoping I can keep the story going in a direction more in line with my original goals for Equestria Crossover Confusion because trust me....despite the ending, it was a lot more light hearted.

I was wondring are Sunset and Starlight still alive and going to a world..

I have a story idea that is the same as yours, but this one happens in the EQG univers after Friendship Games. Is it ok if I write the story. If I get around to it that is:twilightsheepish:

7239960 It's a free community, I say go for it! I covered who survived Serpentera's attack and at the time Starlight and Sunset Shimmer weren't close enough, two Sunset isn't one of my fave characters and three I thought Starlight would disappear before Season 6, I didn't think she'd be back for Season 6 and remember when I started Equestria Crossover Confusion, Starlight was still a villain. I would like to read it when it's ready! I was hoping people would adopt the idea for my story and expand it!

I suggested Gotsumon because Pinkie did used to live on a rock farm and Gotsumon is well... a rock. Also iv kinda lost interest in your CC HFC yu-gi-oh story i am not a fan of yu-gi-oh

7272628 That's fine. Gotsumon is a fine choice, I just wasn't sure based on personalty if Gotsumon would be a good fit. As for the Yugioh story, that's fine but I intend to finish it. The next story after these two will of course feature Applejack and Rarity in an non anime world so hopefully that'll appeal more. I do thank you for your continued support.

7553047 You might and I've decided between two but I have a problem so this is the question that will decide which character I should use. Can the Skylander known as Spyro talk or does he commuicate with little grunts and so on?

let him talk, he talks in his games and in skylanders

7558461 Cheers, I'll check the other skylander I'm thinking about and maybe

good job, not sure what problem your talking about, it looks fine.
here are some ideas for this or your other stories:
Tracer (overwatch)
Chen Stormstout (warcraft)
Incarnus (Dragon Quest Monsters Joker I and II)
Lucario (pokemon)
Dragonborn (Skyrim)
Alex Mercer- evil (Prototype 2)
Steven (Steven universe)
thats all use if ya want keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

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