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I'm Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, and hate the conspiracies and idiocies that people bash, lie, and mock about me even more (It's sickening) So I'm here to stand up for my rights, preferences, and my Pride!

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    My getting or Not Getting THE POINT · 5:52pm 8 hours ago

    In regards to an online fight I had last night with very rude people (I was equally rude back to them) Some people seem to think THIS about me; that I miss the point of certain things. Well I'm going to put things down from TV Tropes that peoples claim is accurate.


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    Comment posted by NorthCrusader deleted Sunday

    As in I hope am only for good things*

    Good day mykan I hope things are going great on your end

    Comment posted by Big Ass Spider deleted October 5th
    Comment posted by Big Ass Spider deleted October 5th
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