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I'm Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, and hate the conspiracies and idiocies that people bash, lie, and mock about me even more (It's sickening) So I'm here to stand up for my rights, preferences, and my Pride!

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    Character Bio: (Count Logan) · 10:06pm Monday

    I was hoping it wouldn't come to this as it spoils... but as the fanfic is far from completion and people are ignoring the small parts of it anyway (I may as well do this)

    And one last thing... TO HELL WITH SO-CALLED "COMMON-SENSE" (The stuff has hardly any meaning to me in this field)

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    Why do you keep deleting comments?

    Yay, I bet.

    There are some tv shows and movies I hate too (not MLP of course): The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Gravity Falls, The Loud House, Sausage Party, Beauty and the Beast (2017), the list pretty much goes on.

    Besides My Little Pony, what other tv shows and movies do you hate?


    See what your so-called advice did?


    but if you wish to be my newest hater, that's your decision! (I should've known I couldn't trust you from the start, just like Shuruisoul)

    • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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