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I'm Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, and hate the conspiracies and idiocies that people bash, lie, and mock about me even more (It's sickening) So I'm here to stand up for my rights, preferences, and my Pride!

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Advice is Failure #2 (INSIDE and OUTSIDE) · 5:44am June 20th

I've been given loads of bad and extremely unhelpful advice form people CLAIMING to help me (When really I saw them admitting that they're really just trying to laugh at me)

The ridiculous advice I've heard today is...

You need to give an INSIDE THE FIC reason why the characters do what they did, not just an OUTSIDE, your personal desires

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Hey, Mykan. By any chance are you into or have at least heard of Code Lyoko?

And out of curiosity, are you into Dragon Ball Z?

Could you send me a link to it?


Thank you... and just for a heads up I'll be making and MLP fic that has Digimon in it real soon... int he mean time, my POWER RANGERS STARFLEET has the Digi Rangers in it

  • Viewing 163 - 167 of 167
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