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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site


Takes place sometime after Power Rangers SUPER Starfleet.

Principal Celestia appears on a Gameshow against one of the Teen Titans to win a big cash-prize. How will she do? Will she win? And what will the students think when she invites them to watch the show?

Contains videos for audio and visual demonstrations

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Rarity is asked to be a guest panelist to judge a fashion show, but she soon discovers that her fellow judges are a bit rough around the edges and expect her to follow their example of judging talent.

Rarity's conscience is put to the test when someone unexpectedly shows up to the show.


-There's a difference between "Common Sense" and "Being Biased." As well as "Criticizing" and "Being a Jerk"

-Everyone deserves a fair chance.

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A divorced father angrily restrains himself form his wife and child, and takes out his emotions on all others.

Twilight rises up to help the son of the family by getting his parents to reconcile, but she soon learns that pride is a big pill to swallow, especially when she hears what happened and why the family separated.


-If your current arrangements are just fine, there's no need for any drastic changes.

-Taking away something someone holds dear can be quite a cost to pay

-Forcing someone to swallow their pride and become someone they just don't want to be, may only strengthen their stubbornness.

-Some people cannot be persuaded to change. They cannot be bought, badgered, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some people just carry the grudge forever.

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During Hearts and Hooves preparations,

Princess Cadance and Spike are accidentally slipped a Love Potion, by a waitress who intended to give it to some-pony else, causing Spike to become infatuated with Twilight, and Cadance falls for the waitresses Dream Beau.


1: Some can't help who they love or who they wish to love and have.

2: You cannot change how someone feels simply because you want them to.

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Don't be fooled by the huge dislike ratio (It's just idiots and haters being lowly again) Give the fic a chance.

-Lord Titan is returning, with the help of his apprentice, Starlight Glimmer and a vast alliance of evil gathered form all over the galaxy, ready to conquer all.

-A band of protesters have organized a secret society dedicated to ridding United Equestria of Starfleet, and all their supporters... blinded by their ignorance of course.

-Lightning, Grand Ruler Celesto, and Queen Celestia are turned into children, complicating the matters of the war, and a little of their personal lives.

-Swift Star is enjoying his new position as a cop on the beat, but still feels rather unsure of himself when he starts feeling the downsides of the job.

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Don't be fooled by all the dislike-- it's just trolls and idiots. Give the fic a chance.

From where E-Quest left off... The girls, the adults, the Titans, and Masquerade have been plunged into the Malefic World by their enemies, The Prince Brothers, and where the dueling stakes are far higher than expected, and also their friendships may not be enough pull them through all the other nasty surprises that await them!

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In the future, Pinkie Pie's son, Li'l Cheese is told of what happened many Hearth's Warming ago during Twilight's first year as ruler.

Moondancer's mother had a very strong and bitter resentment towards Twilight, and even disowned Moondancer too. Twilight attempted to reconcile the two ponies, only for things to take one horrible turn after another!

LESSON: Some people cannot be persuaded to change. They cannot be bought, badgered, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some people just carry the grudge forever.

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Stone Heart's 4th appearance.

In this Nightmare Night Special, Stone Heart is a struggling writer, as usual, and still being constantly harassed and picked on by bigoted ponies, but this time he has a little trick to get back at them all, and he strikes where they cannot possibly defend themselves...

...In Their Dreams!


1: You cannot force your opinions on someone and badger them to comply with YOUR WAY of thinking and living

2: Just because someone is different than you, does not give you the right to treat them different

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*Season 4*

There's no evil or falling outs in this

In this would-be Hour long special...Twilight and Co visit the Crystal Empire to help with Hearts and Hooves Day, and Twilight sees trouble in paradise when a well-renowned singer reveals he plans to leave the kingdom and give up his career. Naturally, she plans to sort him out.

Meanwhile, Rarity sets up an auction with herself as a Hearts and Hooves date, only things go a little awry due to her not thinking things through enough.

LESSON: Some people CAN get better from problems, but some people CAN'T.

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*All part of the summary, just to give it more life*


"I am your host, "Vincent Thrice"

Welcome to "Mysterious Theater": The show that brings you Mystery Stories with lots of clues and surprise-endings.

Tonight, we shall visit the world of Detective Rarity, whom is actually a seamstress with a knack of sleuthing.

As our story begins, Detective Rarity and some of her friends discover a pony is dead in his home, and with suspicions mounting and little evidence to go by, it us to Rarity to solve

"The Murder on Hearths Warming"

...Let's join them now."

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