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*Season 4*

There's no evil or falling outs in this

In this would-be Hour long special...Twilight and Co visit the Crystal Empire to help with Hearts and Hooves Day, and Twilight sees trouble in paradise when a well-renowned singer reveals he plans to leave the kingdom and give up his career. Naturally, she plans to sort him out.

Meanwhile, Rarity sets up an auction with herself as a Hearts and Hooves date, only things go a little awry due to her not thinking things through enough.

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*All part of the summary, just to give it more life*


"I am your host, "Vincent Thrice"

Welcome to "Mysterious Theater": The show that brings you Mystery Stories with lots of clues and surprise-endings.

Tonight, we shall visit the world of Detective Rarity, whom is actually a seamstress with a knack of sleuthing.

As our story begins, Detective Rarity and some of her friends discover a pony is dead in his home, and with suspicions mounting and little evidence to go by, it us to Rarity to solve

"The Murder on Hearths Warming"

...Let's join them now."

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I was too merciful on Twilight the last time, https://www.fimfiction.net/story/411596/marks-for-effort-twilights-reprimanding let's turn it up a bit.

After Twilight bans the CMC from her School of Friendship, after accusing them of a crime they didn't commit, the girls give her a big taste of the cold-shoulder, and this leads to major falling out with not just Twilight, the girls, and friends, but it starts to give her a bad image all over Ponyville, which could soon escalate into worse!

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*Do not be fooled by the huge dislike ratio. It's just bullies and good-for-nothing trolls who love to downvote and walk away hoping to cause trouble. (16 downvotes after just loading a simple prologue) GIVE THE FIC A CHANCE!*

-The Devils: An evil race from for another dimension, lead by a spiteful ruler, plan to invade all worlds and destroy all love and light so they may survive.

-Celestia is having recurring nightmares of evil creature that lurks deep within her subconscious, and she is desperate to silence it.

-Applejack discovers that her parents made an arranged marriage for her, and now her time is coming.

-Pinkie Pie falls in love with one of the Devil's, which can lead to serious trouble for herself and the team

-Sunset Shimmer (The human version) is still getting used to her new life in United Equestria, and Artie has obvious feelings for her.

-Rarity has a horrible accident that forces her body to undergo an alteration... into a part Dragon creature.

-The CMC are graduating grade school and ready to move on to middle school, but don't know if they can bear to be separated.

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*Set in Season 4*

Based on that Live-Roleplay at Brony-Con in 2010 (which isn't copyrighted)

Spike and Rarity travel to Las Pegasus to have a small and simple wedding, which may be fraught with potential worry of others who may not take the joining so well.

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"An important message at the end of the fic"

No, there's no terrorist attack.

Twilight hears word of a business pony who resents work, play, and even her own rich business, and seems to be causing quite a bit of misery for others, which leads her to try to set her on the right track, resulting in a frightening and horrific tragedy!

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Twilight becomes fascinated by a well-written novel, and she and her friends wish to meet the author in person, only to discover his distaste for his own novel, and his disinterest in the fame and fortune that comes with it.

Now Twilight and her friends are desperate to try to convince the pony that things are worthwhile, and friendship is a key to unlocking not only good stories, but a better life.

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Don't be fooled by the huge dislike ratio (It's just trolls and bullies downvoting and walking away to cause trouble) Give the fic a chance

Even the girls enjoy playing the game of Duel Monsters, but they soon find they must participate in a Duel Tournament where they cannot afford to lose considering the many things at stake.

Along the way, they must content with what the game brings-- Change in attitudes, rival duelist, hard to control emotions, reasons why people duel-- all these things that could really test their friendship

Sunset also begins to suspect that something evil may be afoot, an evil that can only be battled by the game!

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After the Canterlot Royal Wedding, Cadance and Shining Armor partake on the maiden voyage of a new airship, which has been sabotaged with a bomb by an insane pony wanting revenge.

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Two years after Power Rangers Super Starfleet, and Sunset Shimmer's life seems brighter than ever, until she is accused of a crime she didn't commit which leads to the discovery of her actual Human Counterpart who seems to be out to ruin Sunset's life. this of course prompts the team to investigate,

But is there more going on than meets the eye?

Don't be fooled by the vast amount of red downvotes, those were all done out of spite by haters so people will think this is a horrid fic. Give the story a chance!

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