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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site

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If I'm an Anti Brony, why am I on this site? · 8:12pm Oct 25th, 2017

Just because you don't like things I like the way I do... that doesn't give you the right to give me a hard time because of it, (And don't give me pish-posh about my torturing the characters. It's not the same as bullying a real person)

but you choose to be disrespectful and toxic anyway... SO BE IT!! (You wanted trouble... You GOT IT)

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, and every time I had to answer it... (URGH!!) So I'm making this blog to save me time in the long run...

First of all: There's no sign anywhere that says"BRONIES/FANS ONLY" And don't try and pull the old "Logic" stuff on me. Many of you claim to be bronies and true fans of the show, but the way you behave (Constantly harassing, spiting, riffing, bullying people...) you pretty much tossed all the friendship lessons out the door... which disqualifies you a great deal.

So don't tell me I have no right to be on this site.

Next, I have no vendetta with the FANDOM, or the fans of the show (Unless they cause me trouble first) I dislike the show ITSELF... not the fans, not the actors, not the writers... but the show and the characters themselves!!

That's still not my main reason for being here.

I've been being stalked, bullied, and crapped on since 2008 or even longer, regardless of what I do. You would not believe some of the shit people do to me, and to my fans (Heck, some of them even when as far as to mock Tara Strong on Twitter; tried to feed her their bullshit in attempt to make her hate on me too, and when that failed, they bullied her really hard)

Loads of my bullies and haters from long ago already had accounts here and were copy-pasting my fics and stuff and mocking me (Which is bullying) and after I signed up here myself... more bullies made accounts just to continue the hate (Stalking me wherever I go)

2014-2015 a couple of jerk wads (part of that hate posse) thought it cute to impersonate me in attempt to get more people up my ass



(and it wasn't the first time either. People have made sock accounts of me before too.)

You really expect me to just sit and TAKE the abuse; let people get brainwashed by bullies and their bullshit?! I don't think so!

So I got the creeps busted as you can see, but the rest of people on this site... (about 90% of them, not to mention those up my ass since 2008 or longer) Never have I seen such stupidity, such arrogance, pomposity, and ignorance beyond imagination.

-So many fics with petty and spiteful downvotes
-Threads dedicated to mocking and riffing
-So much unfriendliness, and nasty attitudes.
(As well as people continuing to riff me)

...The way I see it, these people are in need of a good kick in the ass. (Someone's gotta to stand up to these pricks and I volunteered.)

That's pretty much why I'm here.

This way, not only can my stuff not be copy-pasted and riffed like those impostors did before I busted them, but I can stand up for my own rights and my pride when it comes to fic writing. (I can get in people's faces for getting in mine first)

As a bonus, I can actually see people who like my fics (Most down-votes are caused by the bafflers-- the unscrupulous kind who prefer to mock and riff regardless of what's written. they don't even read it, just down vote and leave) so an added bonus is I can expose bad people for the finks they really are.

So that's why I'm here, I'm standing up for my own rights and my own pride. You got a problem with that or me, sucks to be you then.

But at little advice, or tip... or even warning? Whatever it is.

You don't bother me= I don't bother you.

-You read my fics and were offended by them, "I don't give a damn!" (You don't care, so why should I?)

-You don't like my fics, you don't have to read them, or give me shit over them and go to incredible lengths to harm me and my followers.

I didn't MAKE you read the stories, and I didn't make you hate them... it's all YOU. So stop blaming me for the fact that you can't respect someone else has different tastes than you do. You can have your opinions, but you have no right to be a bully about it... and if you do decide to bully anyway, be prepared for backlash.

You may try saying these...

"Your fics compel me to read it"

"You make it so hard not to want to read your fics."

Ect... ect...

...That's still not my problem. YOU read the fic yourself, but you could've put it down and gone away. Bottom line, don't blame me for something You did yourself, on your own accord.

Finally, for those who things on the line on...

-"You should leave this site"
-"Stop posting your fics"
-"You and your Anti-bronism isn't welcome here"

My response to that: "Up yours."

I'm staying right here, and I'm going to continue to write fics the way I prefer them.

-"You will make a lot of enemies, and only more stress for yourself unless you stop posting and get yourself some help."

My response...

Comments ( 71 )

Huh. Happened years ago?


Yep, but the mocks and riffs happened years ago still.., and these pricks still bring up old and out of dated things, and they want ME to let go... HA!

I actually liked 2 of them.

Srey #5 · Oct 25th, 2017 · · 2 ·

but the rest of people on this site... (about 90% of them) Never have I seen such stupidity, such arrogance, pomposity, and ignorance beyond imagination.

Actually, I'm quite certain that over 90% of the people on fimfic have never heard of you or your fics.

Your highest view count is around... 500 I see? Well, a little more but hey, let's increase it to 1000.
according to the statistics there's over 200K accounts here. So, even if we discount those readers who do not make accounts, that's still less than 1%.

So, don't worry. the people here aren't as arrogant, pompous and ignorant, only a really, really tiny fraction.

Yeah and anybody who does like them is instantly disliked.

*scratches head* You say you're here to stand up for your own rights and your pride. I get that, that's fine. That doesn't bug me at all, honestly. I am a little confused though.
If this was something really important like equal rights, I would get why fighting for it would be something worthwhile to do. But this is a fanfiction thing, on a MLP/Brony website. That does not seem like a particularly worthwhile thing to stand up for if you don't like it. When we get down to it, franchise/fanbase preferences are a really trivial thing to get worked up about.

If you hate MLP, and are an anti-Brony, why not just avoid it/ignore it? That's basically what I do with politics. It just seems odd to me to to spend so much time and effort standing up for your right to write fanfiction for something you hate, in a fanbase you are opposed to.

I guess what I'm asking is, you've stated why you're here, but why is it worth the time and energy to be doing this, when you could be doing others things you enjoy more instead? I am honestly curious.

B R U H , :rainbowlaugh: sorry, couldn't help but say that

Anyway continue on !:ajsmug:

Really long. Sorry, but I had a lot to say.

but the rest of people on this site... (about 90% of them) Never have I seen such stupidity, such arrogance, pomposity, and ignorance beyond imagination.

(I don't like making fun of people or saying they are stupid, but...)

-uses generalities without evidence (Very, Very bad idea. Especially whenever it's something that can easily be disproved or is an insane claim)

-Claims that most of the people who dislike the stories are people who didn't read it and like to go around mocking people (Sure. Some of those dislikes are going to be people who only look at the cover, but it is way easier to hit the back button and go back to browsing (I've done it a few times)){What did you expect when you crossed-over with digimon?}

-Repetition (Arrogance and Pomposity mean roughly the same thing. Arrogance is "I'm as important as a king" Pompous is "I should be treated like a king")

(I don't doubt that I am arrogant. You have to be somewhat arrogant to post a criticism. But as long as you can recognise when you are wrong, arrogance isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

-Believes that he should be the one to deal with the mean people on the internet

-Straight up refuses to listen to criticism, constructive or otherwise (Claiming these people to be haters isn't a good strategy, and most criticism has something helpful in it.)

-Deletes comments (Sensorship is wrong 99% of the time, and I have a feeling those comments didn't include racial slurs, death threats, or even just straight up insults (different from criticism. "Your story is sh*t." Vs "Your story is sh*t, here's why". We have a button for dislike.) You can't use the rule about comments matching rating, this was a M story the comments were on.)

(This one I'm iffy about. This might just be a cultural thing, and it's normal where this guy is from.)

~Usage of "elevated" words like Pomposity and Riff

(Ignorance is bliss)

-Claiming most disliked are just the people who make fun of others (not even remotely true. One of your stories has 340 views, but only 106 people felt strongly enough about it to vote. Ignoring the fact that your 90% claim should land your story with 306 dislikes, having 90% or 95.4 people removed from dislikes lands you with 3.6 people who actually read and disliked it. Are you seriously suggesting that almost 100 people somehow found your story and decided to dislike it to mess with you? This almost belongs in Arrogance.)

-Generalities without evidence (I heavily doubt that there are more people who troll than actual users.)

-Usage of strawmans (here I am using your arguements to point out hypocrisy, you just took a few arguments, that you made up, and tore them apart)

-How you use your characters in your stories. (Using a pre-made character is different than using a custom character. After all, it would be pretty suprising if your best friend just suddenly changed personalities. I.E. if I made a story about spongebob (I wouldn't. I really, really wouldn't.), people would expect him to be naive and excessively optimistic. If I made him depressed and pessimistic, I would have to explain why, either by having the moment happen in the story, or by changing the events of his past. And it would have to be a damn good "why" since it's a major characteristic of his.)

-General ignorance of the rules. (Near as I can tell, you aren't breaking rules. But personal attacks on users or stories are not allowed. So if 90% of the user base are breaking the rules, soon ~0% ought to be. That's not something you can hide.)

-So many fics with downvotes

I have seen my fair share of stories that somehow passed the basic grammar check, yet were unreadable. I have also read stories that I chose not to finish because it was either very predictable, or had "exciting" "conflict" with their Gary Stu. I think both of those deserve dislikes. But neither of us control other people's opinions. If people think a story is bad, they should dislike it and maybe leave a comment saying why. Anything else is dishonest and prevents improvement.

-Threads dedicated to mocking and riffing

Against site rules. You should report them.

-So much unfriendliness, and nasty attitudes.

Being unfriendly and having a nasty attitude aren't crimes, but people tend to get annoyed if they feel like they are being misunderstood or people are putting words in their mouth.

(As well as people continuing to riff me)

Mocking people is against site rules, but you should try blocking them first if they are truly mocking you. But this is the internet, and if you are expecting to not be made fun of, you are sadly mistaken.

-You don't like my fics, you don't have to read them. So instead of telling me to take my fics down, why don't YOU grow a spine and look the other way (Don't read it) Just because I posted the fic, in no way whatsoever did I force you to look at it.

Getting mad because the readers didn't like your story is helping no-one.

I don't think you should be forced take your fics down, and a I don't think you should be forced to leave. But my precognition hasn't been working the way it's supposed to for several years now, so the only way for me to determine if I like a story is to read it. I can only get a general feeling from the description and tags, one way or another.

You are right about being able to walk away, but 1) I really hate not finishing a story (my problem) and 2) that doesn't mean that I can't say that I didnt like what I read or express my dislike through a button.

Yeah, I don't have to read a bad fic, and I won't torture myself by reading bad stories, but if I come across one, I'm going to try to help the author improve.

...That's still not my problem. YOU read the fic yourself, but you could've put it down and gone away. Bottom line, don't blame me for something You did yourself, on your own accord.

"I may have baked a cake with cat litter in it, but if you didn't like eating cat litter, you shouldn't have eaten my cake."
It doesn't matter if you had one bite or the entire slice. You still ate cat litter, and there is no way you could have known until you took the first bite. Now people are complaining that the cake has cat litter in it and you're blaming them for biting into it!

So that's why I'm here, I'm standing up for my own rights and my own pride. You got a problem with that or me, sucks to be you then.

Straight up, your reason is that two people imitated you and mocked your stories, and you are here to prevent that from happening again.
It's the equivalent of going to the town square, seeing two guys claim to be you while mocking your ideas, getting them arrested (banned) and to prevent it from happening again, you stand in the town square dissing all of the popular ideas.
And then get mad that people are angry at you.

-"You will make a lot of enemies, and only more stress for yourself unless you stop posting and get yourself some help."

Thats the only quote that I believe actually came from a real person. And your response was "I dont care.". He has a point.

So does ABitterPill (sorry for dragging you into this).

If you hate MLP, and are an anti-Brony, why not just avoid it/ignore it? That's basically what I do with politics. It just seems odd to me to to spend so much time and effort standing up for your right to write fanfiction for something you hate, in a fanbase you are opposed to.

They both have the point of "This isn't something that you really enjoy, so why do it?". I'm sure you get some enjoyment out of it, but you are fighting an uphill battle. You seem to be doing everything because of hate, not because you like making stories or because you like entertaining people. I agree with your person's implication that this isn't healthy. I can't imagine how tough it is for you to deal with your anger long enough to make these stories. I'm not saying you should remove all of your fics. I'm not saying you should leave the site. I'm saying you should check with yourself and think long and hard as to whether or not this is something you really want to do.

Btw. The reason I wrote this and the advise I give to other people is because I actually enjoy this. It doesn't matter as much as to whether people listen to my advice, as long as I give it, I'm happy. I really like trying to help people out.


(I don't doubt that I am arrogant. You have to be somewhat arrogant to post a criticism. But as long as you can recognise when you are wrong, arrogance isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

I don't think you have to be arrogant to post a criticism. It's just giving advice to help someone (probably). It'd only be seen as arrogance if they give it in an arrogant way (such as: wow, that's so bad, you should've done it like this, and it would've been waaaaay better, you incompetent nincompoop)
On a side note, well constructed post that I'm mostly inclined to agree with.


Oh it's worse than that...

(such as: wow, that's so bad, you should've done it like this, and it would've been waaaaay better, you incompetent nincompoop)

even if it IS the case, and you do it like that, they still don't care, and flame it anyway because they love to mock. (Their direct words)

Huh? I don't quite know what you mean there.


Most people on this site are trolls and riffers. they don't care HOW a story is written, they just love to laugh, mock, and riff. Even if you do something THEIR way... they'll still mock you.

I don't know. I've met maybe some people like that, but for the most part, my experience with them has been that they're pretty friendly and accepting. You just need to approach it with the right mindset. Instead of focusing only on the bad, you should look at the good too.

Don't worry about him, a group of ten people came up and poorly insulted his work and decently pointed out issues in his writing, and ever since then he's done his best to annoy as many people as he can on this site because he believes that a microscopic minority is representative of the majority of this site.

In regards to your reply to my comment, I feel like to criticise someone requires confidence and a belief that something they are doing (or have done) is wrong. I think where I went wrong is that I also believed that "you" had to think that "you" were right. Which, even then, isn't arrogant unless it's because "you" believe that "you" are always right.

Thanks for pointing that out!

However, unfortunately, the Author is still arrogant. (Believes he's above criticism and barely listens to it, then counters with his sob story. People are mean on the internet, that doesn't mean that everything they say is worthless.)


I don't TRY to piss people off (Only when they deserve it), and you have no right to say such things, it makes you no different than those haters,

And the reason I don't listen to them is because I don't like their ideas (They even told me themselves, they don't care even if I do as they say)... GOT IT?!

Again, that's just one example. And if I'm being completely honest, not EVERYTHING he says is just blind hate. He is giving some actual criticism. You should probably be a little more lax about this little girls show about magical talking ponies.

I mean, if that's all you've been exposed to, I could understand why someone might think that.

(difference between confidence and arrogance)

I don't know if it's just believing he's above criticism. It could also be that it really hurts him. Some people are more sensitive than others. I myself often find quite negative criticism somewhat hard to take in, as I'm pretty sensitive. I can get over it pretty quickly, but I'm not everyone.


If I'm an anti-brony, why am I on this site?

(A.K.A) I hate this fandom, so I'm gonna post stories that kinda explain why I believe that the main messages of the show are wrong, on a site that is full of people who enjoy the show, rather than a site of people who dislike the show or are at least apathetic.
How is that not meant to annoy people? The only other reason that you would write stories about something you hate, on a site you hate, full of people you hate, is to change people's minds. But the way you act and talk imply that you don't really care about people unless they agree with you: "If you don't like it, don't read it.".
Spite is literally trying to annoy or hurt someone, usually for revenge.

Maybe he's super sensitive, maybe he's not. The point is that he doesn't listen to it and treats all criticism as hostile. Three times now I've tried to point out something wrong that he's done, and all three times he missed the points of the criticism and tried to explain why he was justified.


It's not the FANDOM (Moron) it's the SHOW ITSELF...

Not the fans, not the VAS, not the makers... just the show itself!

And I told you before... I DON'T LIKE your ideas.

Not liking people's ideas is fine, but I think you should try to be a bit more accepting and at least listen to criticism.


"You should drink bleach and die"

"Your family should kick you out for putting up with you"

"You are a pathetic man-child."

"You suck, your characters suck, and your stories suck"

"I mock you because it's fun, and I got people to entertain. I don't care what you write about, at the end of the day I want a a quick laugh and so do my viewers"

I should listen to THAT?

There's a difference between Criticism, and being a jerk. why should I accept them if they don't accept me?

You're only picking the worst of it. I am 100% sure there is some criticism you have received that is legitimate and not just hate.


Barely 5%

All they ever do is yak saying

"You're characters are too flat."

"Oh, he's a crybaby who refuses to grow up."

"You need your characters to develop growth"

that's too ambiguous, and even if it's not I still don't like what they want. I like my characters JUST as they are, and if they people don't, not my problem.

Even if that's not what you want, it is legitimate criticism, because character development is universally accepted as good writing, so it shouldn't be a surprise that if you deviate from that, there'll be some backlash. And from the sounds of it, it feels like you'd like Bojack Horseman. He is quite a good example of what you like, except done in a way that appeals to regular viewers too.


Ah... and if the characters do something I dislike or don't approve of... then there will be backlash from me.

Moondancer had great potential for me to mark her as a good character, but because she chose to reconcile with Twilight... automatic fail, and any good points I gave her before... NULL AND VOID. she is a disgrace.

Beast Boy willingly gave up on a Terra and was willing to move on with his life as it was.

"So long... FAILURE"

It's impossible to expect every character to do everything you like all the time. But most of the time, it should.

Those aren't criticisms, those are condemnations. The "Riffers" had excellent criticisms mixed in with their insults and bad jokes.


No they don't...

It's 100% wrong, and rude, end of story

Not quite.

Applejack: and these two forces are?Who was on which side? What were they up against? Who was for and against the other? Details! We need details!

Mykan:These two forces were of LIGHT AND DARKNESS like it said, and NO... you DON'T NEED unnecessary details to things that are implied or given for a long story short. It just proves you have less of an imagination.

A good piece of criticism, without insults, that you answered incorrectly. They're not wrong, and in this case, not rude.

Applejack pointed out that we have no idea who is fighting who. Yes, we know the factions are Light and Dark, but that's all we know. Unfortunately, the show doesn't have creatures made of Light and Darkness in countries called Light and Darkness. The closest it gets is: Celestia relating to the day, Luna relating to the night, and Sombra with his Dark Magic.

Requiring details means you lack an imagination? Really? Fine. I imagine that the Light side is full of literal Nazis, while the Darkness is full of Eldrich Abominations and Gerbils. Why are they fighting? Simple. Hitler took the last piece of Jesus toast.
Imaginative, but highly unlikely to be what your story is talking about.

Also, what is with you reading the first statement of people's comments and ignoring the rest?

Comment posted by Question_Mark deleted May 7th, 2019
Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted May 7th, 2019

Honestly I don't care if your a brony or not it's up to you if you like the show or not anyways if you write good stories then keep writing even if no one likes them then keep in mind that someone else might like them and if anyone is going to be a hater then f**k them they can't stop you because then if hey are trying to make you stop writing they are trying to take your freedom of speech away


I tell them that all the time. Thanks for the perk up

Your welcome you don't know how many stories I have seen up and die because people keep giving the author negative reviews until they either abandoned it or take it down so many amazing stories lost because jackasses try to control what's posted so only what they like are up and nothing else I really hate that so I really hate flamer's, hater's, and riffers, and all manner of negative commenters trying to control everyone's work

Honestly, reading this guys blogs alone he sounds like he has a grudge on the people on the site for something that appearantly happened years ago according to what he said here
4707865 to me he just sounds more ridiculous the more i read his posts


That's your problem.

the truth is most of the people are from over a decade ago and are STILL doing the same things to me today. They too don't let things die

Comment posted by FarmFreshAppleTarts deleted Nov 4th, 2019
Comment posted by Penalt deleted Nov 20th, 2019

If you read, please read carefully and to completion.

to look at things from both sides....
I don't know what started this, but people are hating on you because they think you hate them. The really smart or attentive people won't care that you are anti-brony, but the average brony is going to see ANTI-BRONY and the words HATRED and FAILURE in the title and OF COURSE THEY'RE GONNA GET UPSET. If a christian saw a story named Christianity is failure, I'm sure they would get upset. it sounds like a direct attack on what they believe. And even though Christianity and friendship alike says forgive, and love them, I'm sure "haters" would come out of the woodwork to destroy them. People like to defend what they love and believe in, even if it goes against their beliefs to act on it. also WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DELETED COMMENTS AND WHO IS DELETING?

Thats your problem
Those comments like that aren't helping your case. it makes YOU sound like the close minded jerk, even tho I know what its like. it seemed like i always got in trouble for BEING BULLIED in school. here is a fun fact. HOW and WHAT you say can affect what people think of you. Just saying screw everybody that doesn't like me will shorten your friends list considerably. Sometimes we are the ones that are wrong. In school I acted back out at the bullies and got in trouble for it. people thought I was the problem. eventually i learned to laugh with it, instead of ignore it or worse, act out against it. you can't stop bullying, but you can make jokes along with them and even grow from what they say. Don't run away, don't fight, TAKE CONTROL.

you want them to go away STOP MENTIONING THEM. and change that anti-brony tag you put on yourself to NOT A BRONY. you make it sound like you hate us. saying you hate someone is the quickest way to make them hate you.
But sometimes, doing things the "wrong" way does get rewarded. But that comes with it's own consequences. Life is a free for all. Some people get by by stepping on others. Some get lucky. Some work hard but dont get rewarded. But in the end, they all have things they enjoy doing. All I want to do is live happy. I have no dream. No ultimate goal. I just want to spend as much time doing something I enjoy as I can. And so I do.

Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted Dec 11th, 2019

I was wondering the same thing


Yes, it IS worth the TIME and energy, especially since it helps me sleep better. (And I don't really do things for enjoyment ANYWAY, that's the lowest piece of the margin.)

And ignoring it is impossible, especially due to it's toxic fandom always getting in people's faces about it.

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