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Just a teenage Brony hoping to please you by writing decent Fanfiction.

My Top 5 Best Stories

  • The Seasons of Earth and Love Sunset asks Rainbow to come meet her at Sugar Cube Corner. She has a confession to make. by RainbowSparkle3 6,105 words · 341 views · 27 likes · 3 dislikes
  • The Power of the Lunar Eclipse Celestia is walking with her new student, Twilight, when they pass by an old statue. Twilight is curious, and asks her mentor about it. by RainbowSparkle3 3,617 words · 302 views · 15 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Sun and Moon: Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon Celestia is unable to stop the two evil royal sisters, and so they continue their battle. However, Daybreaker is stronger than Nightmare Moon, so the Evil Princess of the Night finds a way to gain more power, and an intense battle ensues... by RainbowSparkle3 3,200 words · 704 views · 19 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Twilight vs Tirek After Tirek released Twilight's friends, instead of letting Tirek steal all her alicorn magic, Twilight teleports her friends to a safe place and resumes her intense batle with Tirek... by RainbowSparkle3 12,283 words · 633 views · 12 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Goku vs Tirek Tirek has stolen all the magic in the entire universe, and everything would be under his tyrannical rule forever...if it weren't for a certain Super Saiyan Blue that came to stop him... by RainbowSparkle3 10,648 words · 417 views · 11 likes · 16 dislikes

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40 FOLLOWERS!!! · 8:40pm Last Monday

It's actually been at 40 for awhile, but I kinda didn't notice. :twilightsheepish: I'm so happy about this! Most of the followers from 30-40 came during the release of The Seasons of Earth and Love, so a big thumbs up to Fedairkid, the amazing editor that made the story what it is. Also, I'm sorry that I haven't done any posting for a long time, but

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Sorry. That might've been a little inappropriate. <3


this is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I thought I'd share it with you.

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