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Professor of Antiquities at Pallomare University and a consulting editor at Polo House, Inc. Publishing. Occasionally goes by the pen name 'Dragontrapper'


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No problem. Take care of yourself first. Thanks for giving news.

As soon as RL stops giving me trouble, I promise.

BookCypher I beg you Please! Write more Magical Mystery Oops!!

How do you feel about the latest Daring Do videogame and the fact Ahuizotl plans to force Daring Do to marry her as part of his evil plan for taking over Manehattan? Granted is heavy hinted that he plans to use the position of Mayor of Manehattan to get the lion share of any archeology digs in the area with the excuse of donating them to the local museums. Some fans pointed out he could just replace any relic with a fake with the escuse of preventing an accident like that crazy old stallion defacing that old painting of Princess Celestia with acid. While on one hand the move has interested the rare Daring Do & Ahuizotl shippers, on the other hand it makes no sence how Daring Do is forced to pretend to be his bride. Then again how the villain managed that is supposed to be revealed in the game and all we have so far is the beta. Personally I think the combination of collecting tons of item with the puzzle solving of an adventure game is not bad but I want to see Daring Do kicking flank.

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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