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After the disastrous invasion of Canterlot, an injured changeling wakes up near a small cottage and is quickly discovered by two of the last ponies she ever wanted to see. Now, with the help of her new "friends," she has to remain undetected in a town high on changeling hysteria that would not hesitate to throw her in the Canterlot dungeons should her true nature be revealed.

Simple, right?

Too bad she couldn't have picked a worse form to stay inconspicuous...

Many thanks to ZuTheSkunk for the cover image!

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Interesting idea, decent execution (writing/plot) so far, good spelling and grammar (nothing obviously wrong/jarring)...

Tracking! :twilightsmile:

Showing the POV of a changling, it's new and I like it. And I'm guessing the changling disguise herself as Daring Do.

OH COME ON!! I was getting that title! lol

Facetreed. Whoops.

Well, lets see where we'll go from here.

Oh! Interesting. Please, continue :pinkiehappy:

Poor poor Changeling, beaten, battered, insulted and cover in cake. She was right to escape when she did pitty she didn't make it very far.
Good job, I'm looking forward to how this turns out.

:heart: your story.
Please continue as fast as possible :raritystarry:

interesting... I shall track and look for more updates :twilightsmile:

I had this exact idea.
And I mean EXACT.
I even used that same changeling, except male.

Nice concept gonna track this puppy and see where she goes.


Then I guess that would make this story a.... doppelgänger? :pinkiegasp:

512011 No, just two bronies who like the same changeling.
I haven't made it perfectly clear that it's that specific one,
so maybe we could have the characters meet?
Would be cool.:pinkiehappy:

Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System Pony Core adding artificial thumbs up. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System Pony Core tracking story. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System Pony Core requesting more chapters.

Did she turn into daring do? Lol dashie will love that

511886 I checked your fic, and honestly, apart from meeting Pinkie face to face, the stories seem very different.
Still faved it.


Just so we're clear, if you end the chapter like that, you're obligated to write more. It's kind of a shame her Daring Do disguise fell away. Still, it's probably for the best - Rainbow Dash would've exploded, then exploded again.


This is a really good idea, please go on and write more!

I cringe whenever fics include horn / wing removal :fluttershbad:

An OC fic that I might not hate.

Please, continue.

I actually felt sorry for the changeling when I read he lost his horn. :fluttershysad: Nopony deserves to lose their wings or horn.

Poor dear Matchie.

And I'm betting Pinkie is excited because it's a nice changeling and not a "Meanie McMeaniepants" changeling.

I'm such a derp(y). I read this, I liked it, and I forgot to track it. Luckily for me, it got featured, so yay for me AND you!:yay:

Yay! A story about a random changeling, rather than Chrysalis! I've been waiting for one of these.

wat Guise? LOL u need 2 fix dat

Oh, I'm REALLY liking this. I can't believe the idea of a story focusing on a single changeling never presented itself in my mind as a thing that could end up happening, but there you go.

Thank god Rainbow Dash wasn't one of the ones who ran into Mirror Match first. She'd have noticed that she was disguising herself as Daring Do. And I wouldn't put it against Twilight to have picked up on that too. As is, she seems to be in the hands of the two most accepting ponies of the bunch. Which isn't to say there won't be beautiful shenanigans later on...

Lol, I've been thinking of the extact same thing!!!! :pinkiegasp:
I keep on thinking about it and then this pops up, there is a god! THIS IS SO COOL!!!
:yay: Yay :yay:

NOOOOOO, another story to track, I have too many as is!!! :raritydespair: Though I do get much enjoyment out of this, screw social norms, I read about ponies and I don't give a buck what you think. :twilightsmile:

512569 How so? Same reasons, same background story.

Was she Daring Do? Nice! :rainbowlaugh: Although technically she's a mustard yellow, not tan. Sorry, just had to point that out.
Tracking this...

Been avoiding most changeling stories, but I'll give this one a shot. Looking forward to more. owo

Funny, I had a similar idea - except the changeling came to collect food for the little ones, now that everychangeling was starving. I wasn't planning on writing anything, though - I have enough on my plate writing-wise as-is!

Well, I'll admit. It's different from the other two changeling focused stories I'm reading.
I'll keep an eye on this one.

This looks interesting. I'm gonna watch this to see where it goes. I do like how your not going the "sympathetic misunderstood villain" route. You set forwards from the start what changelings are and found a way to make a single one (thankfully not Queen Chrystalis) separate from the swarm and portray her cause sympathetically without degrading the characterization into cliche.

Dam it, I was doing to do this.

PINKIE PIE........

All the changeling stories I've read so far either have them stay hidden the whole time or reveal themselves just at the end, and they're almost always about Crysalis. I love how this one is doing it different, not to mention well. Tracking. ♥

dear prinses celestia i learnend to day that a black pony is evil pony...
...discrimination is a form of friendship that you would like to evoid att all cost
<.< *seeing avatar* ow yeah... i just burned my self...nice >.>

I had a similar idea of a changeling that was broken from the hive mind by breaking it horn.
Too slow I guess.

513088 Well...
1) Your changeling was able to recover from the pulse in a few minutes while here it's implied the changeling was out for a while.
2) Here the changeling has lost it's means of offence and defence via magic.
3) In your story the changeling was able to blend in with the pony society pretty fast while here it's attempt has failed due to it's face having an early appointment with that tree.
4)Your changeling still has been lucky not to encounter the mane six while here it met two already, and exposed it's true nature to them too.

I just feel like the two stories are different, ya know? And I like them both because they are so different.

513453 Technicly speaking, they look more like insects rather then ponies...

But mine does go differently so...
It can still be saved!

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