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Cone of Wonders


A high drone in the changeling hive known as 011 is banished from the hive. After nearly being killed, a pegasus called fluttershy takes him in and doing what she does best, she nurses 011 back to health. Unfortunatley the changeling does not trust her despite her kindness.

Eventually 011 decides to tell Fluttershy the truth behind the attack which could have everypony give a second thought about the changeling race.

However after learning of 011's survival, Chrysalis sends one of the most deadly units in the changeling arsenal to stop him from giving away any information, an Uberling. A monster of strength and intelligence that will stop at nothing to complete its mission.

Given the options, 011 decides to ally with Fluttershy, keeping as much of his past secret from her and everypony else. Soon enough he learns that Fluttershy does not hate him like anypony else would, she considers him a friend, and why?

Because sometimes, we all need to be shown a little kindness.

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Well don't keep me waiting then!:trollestia: :rainbowlaugh: Ah I am just messing with yea or was I? Nah can't wait for more dude bring it!

...Did you make the third chapter JUST to not do it?

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