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The glamorous unicorn Opalescence is haunted by bizarre recurring dreams of a world in which she and her friends are all animals. But as vivid as these dreams are, surely they're just dreams, right? There couldn't actually be a parallel universe somewhere where they're little more than pets ... right?

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I don't even know what this is. It's not funny. It's not clever. I may or may not continue this, even though it could theoretically stand alone as a random oneshot, but I honestly don't understand why I wrote it. It's based on the picture, sure, but ... I don't know.

This sounds... Interesting. Regardless, if AbsoluteAnonymous wrote it, I'll read it.

get ready everypony. This story is going to bulldoze to the top.

576935 I like it so far,but you're the aurthor. It's your call.
If you want more of a critique, feel free to ask.

This is not marked "romance." I refuse to read any story about Unicorn Opal and Earth Pony Winona that does not ship them, because they are my OTP.

Hah, I've wanted more of the story behind this since I first saw that Opal/Winona pic.

>Princess Philhelmena

...I am actually pretty okay with that.

Interesting. I think its best as a one-shot though. I can't see this going anywhere, but it was a pleasant read none of the less.

This was weird. I'll give you that.

It was, however, incredibly interesting, and I especially like the ending - for all we know both realities could actually be the real one, and you've actually made me want that to be the case.

Nice job :pinkiesmile:

I agree, romance is required, but between Winona and Gummy.


Shipping war! :rainbowdetermined2:


What is this... Like really, what is this.

It was good, but... what was that?

And why didn't the pony-pets have their owners as pets? That really bothered me as I read.

They so totally should have had their owners as their pets.

I liked it! I especially liked that you didn't just give the ponyfied pets the same personalities as their pony guardians, though Opal mirrors Rarity quite a bit for obvious and understandable reasons.

Also ... Winona is the new Pinkie Pie? And I think I am okay with that?

Awww, naw! Winona/Gummy? No, no, no. None o' that.

I will DIE defending the glory that is Winona/Opal, good sir!

... :eeyup: , somethin' interestin' be goin' down here tonight.

577154 Same here! Although I would have thought Owloysius would be a pegasus. Considering he's an owl in another dimension and all. Angel's portrayal was particularly hilarious; can you imagine him talking down the dragon in Dragonshy or staring down a cockatrice? :rainbowlaugh:

Ehh...it's a good premise, but it wasn't long enough, there was no plot, and aside from Winona and Opal, not really any interesting interactions between the characters. Angel's part was too short to count.


Like cats and dogs :raritywink:

Honestly, I don't remember what got me into Gumnona, but the idea can't seem to stop being cute. And if I ship up the remainder, it's Angel and Opal. Somehow, like Diamond and Silver or Trixie and Gilda, I figure their horrible personalities will cancel each other out and leave moderated attitudes.


And how Winona follows Opal around like a puppy! I mean, who ELSE would put up with Opal like Winona will? (Also, Angel/Tank and Owloysius/Gummy FTW.)

It was very unique, definitily. As little as we know about the pets from the show, you seemed to have nailed their personalities if they ever were ponies. The story was absolutely awesome, and interesting all the way. Wonder what would the ponies look like as pets...

As always, you have written a master piece.

For the record, I totally ship Opal/Winona, Angel/Tank, and Gummy/Owloysius. But I might make an exception for potential Gummy/Tank. The silent ones and all that.

No, scratch that. Opal/Winona. If I ever continue this, there will totally be Opal/Winona romance later on.

Peewee lives in the palace with Princess Philomena, of course.

You give yourself too little credit. This was brilliantly done, and I for one would like to see more. Maybe in a 'On a Cross and Arrow' sort of plot, where one group winds up in the other group's dimension thanks to a magical mishap (Twilight's fault for the Mane 6, Owloysius's for the Pet 6).

Oh, good! We can still be friends then. *whew* :pinkiehappy:

I kinda wanted to ask if we're talking about the ponyfied versions of the pets or the non-ponyfied versions of the pets, but then I realized that it doesn't really matter, and Winona/Opal is OTP no matter what.

I think Gummy/Tank could work on a purely physical level, but I question their long-term durability.

(I am a little "ooh, shiny!" right now, because I am counting down the hours 'til VACATION. It has been ... a long, long time ... since I've had a vacation. So, my apologies for my scatterbrained comments.)

Oh, actual useful comments: I think the length and overall pacing were good, though I felt that the transition from Opal to Owloysius was a bit abrupt and the ending could have used maybe a bit more expansion. But this was an enjoyable romp, and I dug the inclusive of the multiverse stuff (not least because my Beloved Spouse, who is a nuclear physicist, talks to me about the possibilities of multiple universes on a fairly frequent basis).

Don't let the story die here! I like this and would be interested in seeing where you would take it. As long as it doesn't drive you up the wall trying to write it.

To be fair, I wrote this last night at about 4 AM after an extremely long day. So any flaws in the writing are because my brain wasn't working at full capacity and I can't be bothered to fix it now that I'm more awake because I'm too lazy. Also, HAVE AN AWESOME VACATION. Bring me back a souvenir or three.

This was a lot of fun. For something you just did up randomly and you're not sure you'll continue, it turned out really cute with a lot of potential. Take my thumb, a star, and have a mustache! :moustache:


And thanks! I will try to have an awesome vacation!

An original idea, that didn't come from my abyss of a mind? I'm not sure whether to smack you through fury or Zangief-hug you for originality...I'LL DO BOTH!cdn1.hark.com/images/000/002/800/2800/original.jpg images.wikia.com/streetfighter/images/8/83/ZangiefDoubleSuplex.gif (just imagine yourself being the victim there).:pinkiecrazy:

I wondered when someone would make a story about that picture. An enjoyable story to be sure, gonna thumb it up and track it. Just in case you decide to add to in. :raritywink:
And you nailed Opel and Winona perfectly. Bravo my good sir bravo!
Have a mustache :moustache:

Great story. I was wondering when someone was going to write this story, yeah I saw the cover art a few months back ^_^. You did a good job, I wonder if Celestia is still the ruler in this world or if it is Philomena? :trixieshiftright:

This is great!! I can't wait untill Twilight and Owloysius manage to open portals to each others dimensions and hilarity ensues. that is always the best part for me, when the worlds collide and we get to see how the characters react to a wildly new reality. so please continue this!!! as an editorial note, you might want to tone down the puppy-ish-ness of Winona a little, it became somewhat distracting, and Opal's cat-lick-ness made her seem a little like a b*tch. I did like Angle's gruff-ness, though if you continue this you should totally give him some redeeming qualities that make him like-able. Also I wouldn't mind an appearance of Princess Phillomina and Celestia. She is one of my favorites. but all in all a great piece and i look forward to seeing where this goes!!!

Interesting. If you continue that will be fantastic.

i actually enjoyed it :D something definitly new and has potential the personalities of each animal i think you got woot xP

Okay, that was really weird, but definitely not in a bad way. And I see Winona/Opal is the new OTP? Hmm.. Well, if you squint your eyes a little, that ship's almost a bit like a combination of RariJack and PinkieDash. Winona is a pretty straightforward mix of Pinkie and Applejack, while Opal could perhaps be seen as a combination of the worst aspects of Rarity and Rainbow Dash; inheriting the former's elitist attitude and focus on societal status and appearances, and the latter's immense arrogance and egotism. Just a thought.

So we know who the pets are in this alternate universe... but who are the Mane Six? None of the Pet Six seem to have a, well, pet. I demand a look at the non-sentient Celestia! What animal could she be?

My bet's on narwhal. Clearly this is the only option. :trollestia:

Damn it, how can I expect to get to the featured bar if guys like you keep putting stuff like this out?

Grumble, grumble... Have a thumb...

you must continue this idea! I am waiting patiently for when you do.

576935 Interesting concept AA. I haven't read a story like this before and I like it. Also I give you credit for writing this at 4 AM and having few errors. Enjoy your vacation too!

Not so, Tank has Dashie, the Falcon as a friend :D

YES. Winona/Opal is totally like throwing RariJack and RainbowPie in a blender and hitting "puree."

I am starting a Winona/Opal shipping group, darn it.

I'm not sure what to think. I really have no clue if I liked it or not, I think I did but I can't say for sure. Unfortunatly for you this means I can't give it a thumbs up, having said that don't take this as me saying it's bad... I might just need time to process it.

Hmm, not sure what to make of this. Neat AU concept, though, and I like the way you translate the pet personalities into pony personalities.

Finally, someone took on the story behind that picture. :pinkiehappy:

That was great but how in the hell does Opal have any friends? She's even more abrasive than Rarity. I was expecting 4/4 string ostinato in d minor to play when Gummy appeared out of nowhere. Angel is great cause his name is ironic. I wonder if the rest of Winona's family are named after other American cities.

Also this:

Peace Out.

Brilliant. Wonderfully simple and delightfully entertaining. I loved it!

I'd call this a "margin doodle" story, something you wrote for a laugh or just for fun or to get it out of your system withotu regard to how much sense it may or may not make.

It's passable, not earth shattering but passable. I've written stories based on images jsut for fun to and it's a good effort all thigns considered. I can't really fav this or give it a thumbs up though, sadly, I like it but not enough to praise it.

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