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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.



Winona lies on the grass under an apple tree, reflecting on her life so far. She's lived a long time and she's seen many things in the past, but she likes the present the most, because that's when her friends live the most.

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Alternate Universe cause quite obviously Winona is not canonically immortal (unless you want her to be).

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Simple country folk like her owner aren't accustomed to huge shocks like that.

Oh my stars and garters, that was deep.

Secret life of domestic animals.

this should be featured

5454345 :rainbowlaugh: That's a very good point

I quite enjoyed that. You successfully made Winona seem fleshed-out and thoughtful without being excessively wordy or cliché at all.
Good job, you've earned a watcher. :twilightsmile:

Alternate Universe cause quite obviously Winona is not canonically immortal.

AHA! No where in the show does it say that Winona ISN'T immortal! By this logic, we can deduce that it is completely canonically possible that she IS!

Just like all my shipfics!

*sobs quietly*

A lot of your stories and side things make me go, "Huh." Comic, yet oddly thought-provoking.

5464099 Shhhhh it's alright, in an Alternate Universe there certainly is a canon show moment where it features ALL YOUR SHIPFICS. All you need is someway to traverse universes... Message me when you find out. I'll come along.
5465909 I can't write comedy. I try, but it just ends up weird and slice of life. What is this?!

5466337 will do good buddy

we all know that deep down, she is the THING, ans she is waiting foe her chance to assimilate.

now on other news, i loved it.
i hope you make an universe out of this.

Wow, I liked this one, very interesting....

I volunteer as guinea pig in case of hostile life forms.

How is it I always find my way back to your stories, sunnypack? :applejackconfused:
5454345 :rainbowlaugh: That was funny.

5560100 If you spam enough stories, someone will notice you~ Thanks for reading my stories! It warms my heart.

5560914 You're very welcome! :pinkiehappy:

5454345 I like who she goes to talk to right after encountering that.

Next chapter?:trixieshiftright:

This story is marked complete and it already has a sequel.:twilightoops:


5766833 There's actually a little bit of a romantic reason why I started putting Next Chapter descriptors for most if not all my stories. Even though it can be less than accurate, the next chapter represents that there will be a 'next chapter' to every story, even though I may not be the one telling it. It sparks the imagination, so it may exist in the mind. It might inspire someone to write something, so it exists as a legacy. More often than not, the next chapter will come as another installation of my stories, but eventually, the next chapter may not occur at all... So I like to keep it there to remind me that I should keep it alive and delay the inevitable.

Thanks for reading!

6007355 With such a beautiful explanation, I can't even argue about how wrong it is to continuously tease your readers under the prospect of a chapter that you are not likely to write, even tho I kinda want to.:twilightblush:

I think it's alright that you like to conclude your stories as such after all this is fanfiction which means this is the one place one should have complete creative freedom. It might be a little off-putting for your readers to find out that the next chapter will probably never happen unless they write it themselves; but I think sometimes you got to give priority to what you like than what your readers would like.

I have a similar explanation to whenever someone ask me why I sign my comments. I say "it's because I consider my comments art, and so it seems fitting for me to personalize them with my signature". Much like a story or a painting I put much effort into making them and leaving them just right. Some people don't like that I do that for one or other reason, I even got a quote in my user page by Bab_seed_72 that goes:

No matter what you do, how you do it, and how much effort you put into it, there will always be someone who thinks you did it wrong.


That's oviously not becouse no matter what you do it will be wrong, it's becouse under some perspective by valuing something differently and by viewing the flaws most prominettly anything can pottentially look/seem wrong, and thats just becouse nothing is perfect and there is a bright side and a not so bright side to everything.

So take it from someone who appreciates the art of commenting, your comment was beautiful!


6017066 I really enjoyed your response, it was deep and insightful. I do like to think of my works as art as far as my imagination.

I do like to think of my works as art as far as my imagination.

6017851:rainbowdetermined2: Got it... I think.:twilightsheepish:


Owl and Gummy often joins Angel and I...

"joins" Should be join. No need for the "s"

I like this story.

6206061 I must have instinctually put in a plural when I saw multiple subjects interacting with multiple subjects, thanks for catching that!

will there be more?

I love the idle musings she has, it's very introspective and, in a way, calming.

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