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A look at the Mane Six and one other from the perspective of those who are always by their side.

((Author's Note: We need an 'All pets' character tag.))

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Aw, that was really adorable! You really get the sense from this story that the pets know their owners better than anyone else. Makes sense, the ponies probably let their guard down around their pets.

I enjoyed reading! :pinkiehappy:

Quite lovely. :twilightsmile: I wish I could think of something more to say, but I'm not sure my words would do it justice...

i think the story is not quite over so much more could happen perhaps a diary of each of the pets for each episodes

like angels pride in dragonshy and stuff

This should be an episode.

I agree. This would make for a sure Emmy winner.

Love Winona, her part was hilarious! And of course the others were awesome too! :twilightsmile::ajbemused::raritystarry::yay::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

I liked most all of it, especially that part with Gummy, but it felt a little over-dramatic. Almost artificial in it's attempts to pull feels. I respect it, but I just didn't really love it.

"The physics-defying pink mutant" That phrase cracked me up.

Most excellent work, Mate. It's always intriguing to see things from different perspectives.

There's just one complaint I have about this, and it's really only a nitpick in an otherwise enjoyable read.

Tank is a tortoise. Not a turtle.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the perspective of the pets you used in this. Gives us a good outside view of the ponies and their personalities, while also showing is a bit of their own quirks and thoughts. It's a good story, and I like the philosophical bits that are in it.

Good show.

C'mon! No downvotes! We can do this people!

I don't know why, but I just love Gummy! Thinking that the near emotionless alligator is actually a deep philosophical individual is now my new headcannon!

That was really touching, especially the phoenix.

Beautiful. I laughed a bit at Winona's bit. She's a border collie, but she's a darned chihuahua in energy.

Owlouicious: A carring, intellectual worrywort
Winnona: Adorable ball of hyper fur:pinkiehappy:
Opal: A snooty admirerer with an attitude problem(and a valid arguement when it comes to glitter glue)
Angel: Badass muthabunny:rainbowdetermined2:
Tank: A "stop and smell the flowers" kinda guy
Gummy: Strangely philosophical with a hint of random(wonder where he got that from:pinkiehappy:)
Philomena: A true guardian angel:heart:

This is awesome. That is all.:moustache:

I read Winona's part with that bacon strip commerial dog's voice

I love how you portray the pets.:twilightsmile:


You ever see a border collie? I have one and they are just like that.

I've seen a border, but it 'twas an old one and wasn't as energetic.

loved winona's part! the way you portrayed the pets was just perfect!

fluttershy says yay! :yay:

(I reckon they should have the pets as emoticons too)

Wow! This is an AMAZING story! Great job!

I love how you give each pet a unique personality and way of viewing the world.

Awesome job!


Is like a bowl of lobster bisque.

Born ferociously, and boiled down into something delicious that goes down easy if you let it.

gummy is just crazy.

How did I not comment on this when I read it a week ago? Oh well, better late than never.

It's a really nice concept story and I'd love to see more of it, maybe something that gives a day in a life of one of the pets in POV.

Beautiful, mate. Felt my eyes tear up a little.

2571416 He's awesome in a squishy reptile sorta way. :twilightsheepish:

I love the story.
You took me right into those pets minds. Color me impressed.

I wonder if my pet thinks about me like this... maybe I should ask her...

I don't like how you portrayed Wilomina, but pure gold is this
"I like kitties! They are nice and fluffy and make funny noises! Let's play, kitty! You like the run up the tree game, right?
YEP! You do! "
I do like everyone else though Philomena gave an interesting perspective on Celestia and Tank was pure gold! As above, I say
:) :) Well worth watching! I may follow you

Lovely story! Good job on the pets' personalities! :twilightsmile:

Great story! We do need a All Pets Tag. Be nice to have emoticoms for the pets too:twistnerd:

Meh, no matter. She looses interest quickly and moves on, giving me a chance to climb back down.

I think you mean loses. Sorry about the double post.
Great story, I wish there were more stories about the pets. Well written stories, I mean.

This was amazing...
We need an episode like this.

Opal: I hate everything
Winona: *insert typical dog thoughts*
Gummy: WTF!?
Angel: Don't you mess with me, capiche!?

After rereading this, and taking another look at my first comment, I have two things to sa y:
First, regarding this line:

That doesn't excuse her nitwit sister, though. YOU DO NOT USE GLITTER GLUE ON CATS!

That's my favorite line in the entire story.

Second: The show needs an episode where the pets get turned into ponies.

I really liked this! My favorite was probably Opal's characteristically feline response to Rarity,

You forgot Luna's pet possum Tiberius.
I know since he's a comic character most consider him not cannon but that doesn't make him any less relevant as a loving friend.

6247375 When I first wrote this I was unaware of the existence of Tibbers.

Oh, I love her well enough. But she's so much of a flake! My pony, she feeds me and bathes me, as a proper servant should. But she also tosses me around like I'm one of her silly claw sharpener sheets sometimes. And then there's the melodrama...

There's a phrase I'm reminded of here, "Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

All right, all right, it was mean. But forgive a bunny his lapse, all right? I do care for her. I just... I just wish she would assert herself more often.
I've SEEN the strength she has! I KNOW she's tough! She didn't need that horn-headed doofus's help to become assertive! And it didn't work anyway, it just made her a jerk! That's not tough, that's being a bully! I should know, I've done it enough before she took me in.

Kinda fits with my headcanon about Angel, he does care about Shy, he just has a hard time figuring out when he goes overboard trying to make her tough sometimes, but he does care ultimately.

After all, she's my friend. And what kinda friend would I be if I abandoned her?


(There needs to be more fics about the pets from their perspectives.)

6247399 Why don't you make it a bonus chapter then?

Loved the ending! And I liked how you got into the characters heads and wrote them! Have a like :twilightsmile:
And also, I think this should be rated T for some language.

You know I wanted to write a story just like this not that long ago. I like this concept better. Winona and Opals were the best. True comedians.

Beautiful chapter but I was very disappointed I didn't get to read Peewee's thoughts, oh well, at least he was mentioned. I love that little bird.

Very good and unique story

All characters not my own are copyrighted to Hasbro and any relevant companies, used without permission for non-profit amusement purposes. All original characters copyrighted to me, so do not use without permission

That's not how copyright works. It doesn't matter if you make an original character in a medium like this, you don't own anything. If someone else wanted to, they could use your oc in their own fan fiction without permission and you wouldn't be able to do anything in terms of copyright law. Hell, Hasbro themselves could use your oc in an official product and they wouldn't even have to ask for permission let alone give you credit or pay you. Generally doing something like that is considered a 'dick move' to most people, so it isn't exactly common, but you certainly don't have any legal ownership over OCs.

As for the actual story, it was very good. Very creative and definitely worth reading. I particularly liked how the tone shifted to match the animal.

This is cute. Good work on all the different perspectives.

Have a very belated review notification and equally belated like. A simple idea executed pretty well. :yay:

Just a thought but you forgot Tiberius Luna's opossum

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