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Plans for the Summer · 1:38am May 20th, 2013

Hello fans who I am fairly positive are non-existent, how are you doing? I've got some announcements to make regarding the Summer. As you may know, On Lich-Finding has not updated in months. This is do to a variety of reasons, but ultimately it's because I lost interest. I haven't been able to work all that much on it, but I've had time to think about what I have written, and I'm not pleased. Overall, it's not top-quality. So, I am going to completely redo it. I'll leave what has already been

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Thank you for the fave on Mr. Lonelyheart.

Thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving Patience, She Said. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile:

... and thanks for the Fave of Children of a Lesser Dragon God Boy Whelp Thingy Guy, too! Plunger, fundamentalists, and mustard aside, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

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