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So your fic got rejected by Equestria Daily. Don't freak out! You've found a good place to be.

This group offers two things:

The first is a hub for resources to help your fic on its way to resubmission. There are folders specifically designed to help you reach reviewers. I ask that you please review the fic that is submitted before yours. There are also special links to sites that can help you even further below. As well, please visit the forum. It allows discussion among authors, pre-readers and editors concerning any specific help you need.

The second thing offered is a new home for any fics you know can not get into Equestria Daily for whatever reason. Except for the "Too mature" folder, you do not actually have to have submitted EQD to qualify. This is where those fics can have another chance to shine.

Do not post "for-fun" fics you know are bad :P No, really.

Please note Sunset Reed or make a post about creating a new thread instead of creating one yourself

The Rules

Place your hoof on your heart and repeat after me.

"I will:"

1. Review the story preceding mine in one paragraph, if I am submitting one for review. I will also not be upset if my story gets somehow skipped by the next submitter.

2. Only post stories I have submitted to Equestria Daily in the 'Too Mature' folder.

3. Treat any critique I have received with respect, even if I don't agree with it.

4. Treat pre-readers with respect.

5. Treat authors with respect.

6. Treat Equestria Daily with respect.

7. Love and tolerate until my very pores emit friendship, and then some.


Other Sites and Groups

Equestria Daily Rejects This fimfiction.net group boasts folders organized by level of rejection. Hopefully you'll make your way into the Finally Accepted folder!

Ponychan and mlpchan. Both are /fic/ boards where you can get reviews and advice.

SALT A simple blog where reviewers go out of their way to look over your work and answer questions. They state that they will review your story within a couple days.

Provided by Equestria Daily
These are terribly important.

Submission Guidelines What you should do, and what you shouldn't do.

The Editor's Omnibus This is HUGE as far as the technical side of writing a story goes. Formatting, grammar, viewpoint and common mistakes are all covered as well as most everything else.

Who are these pre-readers? Scroll to about the middle of the page.

Pre-reader Q and Neigh

Episode 1 unavailable

Episode 2

Episode 3

Guides and Other Help

Ezn's Guide"Don't panic!" Like the writer's omnibus and written by a non-American! It's full of useful stuff.

This is an article on correction punctuation of dialogue. It covers nearly all of the common problems and errors a newbie writer may encounter.

Kit's How to Disembowel a Pony Covers how to write gore tastefully. This'll probably be the most useful for people who find their stories getting knocked back for accidentally going full cupcakes.

Sithicus Helpicus Essentially, it's about trying to find your "voice" or main method of writing. Well worth a read.

Escher's hints A good, general purpose guide. Has a particularly decent section on the differences between florid writing and purple prose.

General Dialogue guide Much like the first, a general guide on how to punctuate dialogue. Also covers how to make conversations fluid and interesting whilst avoiding stilted expressions.

Tense guide Covers one of the other more common problems that are hard to fix: confusions over tense.

An auto-reviewer Like a grammar checker, but free. Has a nifty little passive voice function and is also useful in finding if you've repeated certain words too often.

Thanks to Aquillo for those last ones.

Suggestions of all sorts quite welcome. Either note Sunset Reed or post them in the Suggestion Thread

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387094 I dunno ^^; It's not my group.


Hey, Ferret. Should I be worried that the 'Group success stories' folder only has one entry? :duck:

Aw 80th member! I think I need a high five!!!

I'm always curious to see more about how folks handle and interact with the EQD PRs. :pinkiehappy:

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.
EQD One strike

I just added something accidentally. How do I un-add it?

Eh whatever.

I've been bounced twice for grammar issues, after I have done extensive editing to clean them up. Just wondering where exactly that would fit, since I haven't even gotten to the strike stage. :applejackunsure:

I haven't been rejected yet, but this sounds interesting.

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