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A fic group for a fic site that showcases fic? /fic/ception.

Main site: Ponychan
Alternate site: MLPChan
IRC channel: #fic on Canternet

This group aims to showcase and promote discussion of fellow /fic/ members' works and stories. Comments and critiques are most appreciated.

Notice: Stories are being moved into folders. Please report any misplaced/mistagged stories so that we may rearrange them. Notification spam may occur.

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Okay so how do I add stuff to this group?

Apparently I'm not allowed.

How do you determine which stories goes into the group folders?:rainbowhuh:

Doo wop shoo be wop doo wop shoo be dee wop wop. Looks like this thing's never going to die out. I just wish some more fic would be ficced in this ficcing fic group. Seriously, all my other groups are giving me nothing but crap. :pinkiecrazy:

On that note, sorting in folders are go. Stories will be deleted from the main page within a week.

What filthy lies. :facehoof:



Sorry, viewer, none of those notifications were fic comments.

Grif told me to spam stories, so I did.

I was just going to add Midnight.

Which fic do you want added? I'm sure Omega wouldn't mind helping you out too.

Gotta say, I get exactly the same problem.


Done. Now ya'll go read it.

I'd certainly appreciate it mate!

Hmm, that is odd. Maybe somepony made an adjustment as to what could be allowed in.

I could attempt to add Divergence to the group, if you'd like.

Aye, thanks Omega, but that's exactly what I tried. This group is the only I'm in where the highlight to add is dark, and it won't click. I was assuming some restrictive measures to add fics by the group creators, but now I'm not sure what's going on.


Go to your story and at the bottom near stats, there should be "Add to Group", then select the group you want the story in.

Hope this helps.

Oooookay. Now how the actual fuck does one add a story to this bloody thing? Heh.

283344 Yeah, but it's locked. Oh well.

I'd tell you if I knew, but I don't know, so I can't tell you. Isn't there an Add to Group button somewhere?

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