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A Specter Lurking From His Grave · 8:02pm Aug 22nd, 2013

So, it appears I'm not dead. And it also appears I posted a new story. Hmm...

Here we have a sort-of-sequel to A Dialogue with Celestia filled with copious amounts of pretentiousness and pseudophilosophy.

I just hope someone enjoys it.

Yours faithfully,
- Timefly

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Do I know you?


118646 hey, that sounds like fun!:pinkiehappy:

You know, if fate's brought you to my page then maybe you could try reading one of my fics, rather than spamming a link to your page.

either this site is screwing with me, or it brought me here for a reason... any who, visit my user page!!!:pinkiehappy:

There's honestly no need to thank me. I'm following you because I love your work. Keep it up and you have my undying lotalty. :moustache:

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