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I write pony fics. Do you even need to ask? Run along now, mate.


Random Belated Blog Post · 3:27am Feb 22nd, 2013


This is my first blog post in several months. (Not like I actually use this space, but I figured I might as well embrace it. I know, I'm a hard-core Luddite.)

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We miss you, man. Come back.


You won't even remember me, but you were one of the first readers I had a little over a year ago and your advice helped me greatly (I was known as Flutterash back then, in my story The Gift)

So I just wanted to throw a cable and thank you again, even if I don't need to.

Good luck with your writing. :twilightsmile:


I'd still be interested in hearing them. I wouldn't mind a few touch-ups to my writing. Even if I don't use them, it'd be something for me to think about.

Heh. On a brief skim, it's not too bad, especially for a first time.

There're issues I take with it but they're mostly stylistic points, rather than any pressing story/technical problems.


Well, the whole FTL crossover thing started knocking around in my mind a while ago, long before I posted my first chapter. On a whimsy, I decided to give writing it a shot. I got some surprisingly positive feedback, my new friend TimeBaby offered to preread/edit for me, and it all fell into place from there. It's the first real fic I've done some serious and consecutive work on. :twilightsheepish:

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