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I write pony fics. Do you even need to ask?

Run along now, mate.


Random Belated Blog Post · 3:27am Feb 22nd, 2013


This is my first blog post in several months. (Not like I actually use this space, but I figured I might as well embrace it. I know, I'm a hard-core Luddite.)

First off, I'd like to apologise for the slow pace of my updates, especially with regards to Pony Effect. I'll be honest and say that the will to write this has substantially diminished—especially after the fiasco that is Mass Effect 3. However, then I'm reminded of my pledge back when I first started this: (It's now buried somewhere in the comment section of the EQD post.) that I will finish this come hell or high water. So I kept plodding on. It didn't help that real-life hit me pretty hard in the second half of 2012, what with work, family troubles and general bullshit that real-life loves to shovel at you. Thankfully, most of that has passed for most part.

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We miss you, man. Come back.


You won't even remember me, but you were one of the first readers I had a little over a year ago and your advice helped me greatly (I was known as Flutterash back then, in my story The Gift)

So I just wanted to throw a cable and thank you again, even if I don't need to.

Good luck with your writing. :twilightsmile:


I'd still be interested in hearing them. I wouldn't mind a few touch-ups to my writing. Even if I don't use them, it'd be something for me to think about.

Heh. On a brief skim, it's not too bad, especially for a first time.

There're issues I take with it but they're mostly stylistic points, rather than any pressing story/technical problems.


Well, the whole FTL crossover thing started knocking around in my mind a while ago, long before I posted my first chapter. On a whimsy, I decided to give writing it a shot. I got some surprisingly positive feedback, my new friend TimeBaby offered to preread/edit for me, and it all fell into place from there. It's the first real fic I've done some serious and consecutive work on. :twilightsheepish:

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