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I write pony fics. Do you even need to ask? Run along now, mate.


What if ponies replaced humans in the Mass Effect universe? Will Commander Sparkle save the day like Shepard did?

Special thanks to vimbert and 108Echoes from Ponychan's /fic/ for proofreading and conceptual ideas.

The GDoc links, if FimFiction does not fancy you. This is both my working copy and the originals that was published on Equestria Daily.

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I take it Liara will be Twilight's sparkle, if you know what I mean :twilightsmile:

Funny, you're the sixth reader to ask me that. Must be something about LiaraxTwilight which I overlooked. :derpytongue2:

Hey Grif, seen this yet?


Someone must really like that idea. :twilightblush:


I was beginning to wonder if this was ever going to be updated. You've done a remarkable job of keeping the story true to both Mass Effect and ponies, so keep it up.

btw, do you have any plans on recreating one of Wrex's elevator scenes where he asks a squad member who would win in a fight between them and Shepard?

Perhaps. The one problem about blending both universe is that Mass Effect has way too many facets to cover properly in one single fic, even if I doubled the word length, without it turning stale. That said, that scene was hilarious enough that I might reference it in some other, bigger scene.

Thank you for your kind comments by the way.

Definitely one the the best crossovers I've read. Will be tracking this.

BTW, are you going to do any scenes from the downloadable content? And what about ME2? Got any plans for that?

For the two Mass Effect DLC? Nope.

ME2? Well, I have sketched an outline until the events of ME2. (I mean who could resist trying to fit some of the characters into the ME2 sidekicks.) But that'll have to wait until I actually finish this juggernaut. And Mass Effect alone is a pretty long game.

Well, as long as you're focusing on ME1, I might as well ask about something that's been bothering me:


Shepard has to leave one of his squadmates to die when the bomb goes off. Will Twilight have to do the same?

And if so, it would probably have to be either Rarity or Applejack, since they seem to correspond to Ashley and Kaidan in the game. You could use one of the aliens, but that would screw up the timeline quite a bit, especially if you do go on to write a ME2 crossover.

Yay update, glad to see your continuing with this awesome story!

At this point, giving it away now spoil the surprise, yes? :pinkiehappy:

(Well, if you really want to know, just drop me a PM... (this place has this system right?) I'll just drop my brief outline of the Virmire arc.)

I reaaally hope rarity gets left behind on virmire... her character fits that action much more. (generosity!!!)

How did you manage to do Mass Effect while keeping to My Little Pony's policy of not having vicious killing sprees :pinkiecrazy: ?!?!?!?
You also managed to cut out the two useless crew members while leaving the rest!
I love these emoticons! :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss: :eeyup: :derpyderp1:

How, you ask? Lots and lots of ponies. :pinkiecrazy:

Great job on crossing the two verses together while keeping everything in character. The interaction between Garrus and Dash is fairly amusing, though I would like to see more Wex's relationship with the crew. And the idea of Twilight jumping up down saying yes for several minutes in front of the ambassadors just made me crack up - it is so very Twilight.

My only real complaint is that at times it doesn't feel like there's been in major changes despite the ponies having taken humanities place in this, and that it'd be nice to see how the other races consider the ponies and the major differences that they bring to the table. I mean Equestria alone probably has a number of scientists of various stripes drooling for multiple reasons given how the planet has three or four sentient races if not more and it's probably odd solar system if Celestia and Luna are still controlling the sun and moon (and how the other races react to idea of what amount to physical gods). The existence of magic also would be a major game changer that would be interesting to see how the other races view. Do the majority of them consider it like biotics?

Also thinking about it one major source of cash for ponies throughout the galaxy would probably be their ability to influence the environment. While it'd probably take anywhere from a year or two to decades, a group of the three pony races could do a lot to help repair just about any type of environmental damage on most garden worlds as well helping to make post-garden worlds livable again (well as long they still have a atmosphere) depending on how many ponies are involved in the project. Pegasuses would especially be popular on worlds suffering from major droughts.

I suppose it's definitely a legitimate complaint, which I intend to address in the later chapters. In my defense, I did not want to overly burden readers with information overload, and most of the earlier chapters spent time setting up the Mass Effect universe to those unfamiliar to it. I already have the timeline and background information on how ponies fit into the universe overall in my notes, and most of your points are spot on.

Canterlot's odd solar configuration. *minor spoilers* Oh yes. Every year, the salarians send a special task force to study this phenomenon. So far they have came up empty handed. :twilightsmile: Also, they are very much interested in magic, though again, they struggle to explain it.

As for magic? Well yes, technically it's a game-changer, though I have implied throughout the story that it isn't very much stronger than the biotic equivalent. It is a useful skill to have, but hardly one that will change the tide of battle. (Mainly due to the low power ceiling of magic... at least here.)

Pony Economy. You must have stole and read my notes. I have planned to allude to this in future chapters, as the inherent magic all three races possess are definitely very useful for terraforming. *Minor spoilers* Most major alien worlds already have pegasi weather teams controlling the weather in some form, and though it is strictly limited to affluent worlds and those with large populations. Pony colonies will naturally have pegasi anyway, so they get a headstart in terraforming those worlds. (And they have good weather to boot.)

Again, thank you for reading and your kind comments. :raritywink:

Yo! You nearly done with the next chapter group? We've been waiting a while. Do you at least have a timeline for when the next part comes out?

I am done. Well sort of. Just tinkering with it some more with pre-readers' feedback. (If all goes well, it should be out in a day or two.) :twilightsheepish:

Sorry, I cannot guarantee a timetable though. I'm not a writing machine like Kkat and I usually sneak my writings in between whatever blocks of spare time I can find.

I had a weird idea last night.

Fluttershy using her stare on a Thresher Maw.

I couldn't stop laughing for ten straight minutes. If you put that in, they'll need to put in a new rating system. I'm thinking maybe 100000000000000000/5 for that alone.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


*scribbles scribbles*

Oh, and I finished Chapter 7. :pinkiehappy:

I'm still liking this story, can't wait for more!

Wrex/Fluttershy is my OTP.
Why do you ask? :pinkiehappy:

I went into this story with two scoops of healthy scepticism for such a crossover, of which I'm not too big a fan of, but keeping an open mind I found myself pleasantly surprised. So much so that I ended up having to start replaying Mass Effect. Curse you for creating such a terrific time suck.

I aim to please. :twilightsmile: I just wish I could write FASTER so that you guys don't have to wait so long.

This is fairly decent and I normally abhore crossovers. I seriously dislike your choice of Trixie for the David Anderson role though. Captain Anderson was the first N7 graduate, a practical and respected character. Trixie would have made a better Udina, he was an arse.

It is reasonably well written, but despite this, Ponies in Mass Effect just do not integrate well. It is a clunky and needs to be shoehorned in, almost like a square peg being hammered into a round hole. It is a hard sell, but it is not offensive or excessive.

:trixieshiftright: What's going on with the genders? It's like noone can make up their mind. Especially Angel.

I LOVE MASS EFFECT!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

is this still being updated?:rainbowhuh:

I'm very much looking forward to more of this, hope you come back to it soon.

This is good stuff...

THIS. WAS. AMAZING! :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:

What? Is there no romance? :trixieshiftleft:

take this with a grain of salt. I'm not really sure how much I like this idea. I don't know if you could combine mlp with mass effect as you have chosen to do effectively. Instead of it being like it was in ME1 where humanity had been a space faring race for nearly 200 years I believe, it is almost like they have only just discovered prothean technology within the past few years and have made impossibly rapid progress with it. I fear that you try to keep too much of the canon My Little Pony story line in the Mass Effect universe, I believe it would be better to have created a universe that had Mass Effect level technology, species and what not but not have taken the characters and simply changed them out for ponies or have followed and thus create a unique my little pony story line that is sci-fi or have taken the mass effect storyline as you have and for the most part, completely disregard the canon My Little Pony story line. Again, take what I have said with a grain of salt, I mean for it to be constructive criticism and I apologize if it comes off as overly harsh, I see potential for this story but as of reading the first chapter I have extremely conflicted feelings on it.

Having said all that, you did hit me with a few doozies.

:rainbowlaugh: my face when scootaloo is revealed as the pilot
:ajsmug: (oh you troll) when The Great and Poweful Trixie is revealed to be the captain, did get a bit of a laugh out of that
and of course, :facehoof: when :derpytongue2: is revealed to be the navigator

Any Idea when the next chapter will be released?

Dude this story is awesome :heart: And even though I'm not that knowledgeable in Mass Effect it still is an awesome story :pinkiehappy: Woop Woop *bakes a pie flavored pie and gives it to you* :twilightsmile:

Soon. I apologise for the massive delay, since I had writer's block for some months.

Believe me, I thought long and hard about this. In the end, I choose to go with it this way since Equestria is shown to be quite close to 20th century technology. It is not impossible for ponies to have made the advances as they did, since they're quite intelligent and guided by a pair of long-lived demi-goddesses no less. You'll notice I choose to leave the exact date of the story vague. Also, this is more of a retelling of FiM in space, so I actually disregarded most of the FiM plot along the way. (This Twilight Sparkle was not the one who stopped NMM.)

Recent S2 episodes seems to have borne out my hopes at any rate.

But yes, I am glad you took the time to type out your comments. It's gratifying to see somepony actually taking the time to dissect the story. :twilightsmile: Don't be shy with the criticism. I know my story is average at best and hugboxing me won't help me improve.

@those confused with genders.
It was an error on my part earlier for assuming Angel was female. I am in the process of correcting them in my draft copies. It'll be updated with the fixed ones once I upload the new chapter.

I have to say the way Applejack holds her gun is odd since there's targeting systems anyway and it comes off as tring to gloss over the ponies limitations.

But anyway so far so good and looking forward to the changes in the universe

I'm waiting for the 'Ah yes, Reapers' moment in Pony Effect 2. If you let them live.

Yay! Glad to see you come back to this one. I hope there's more on the way!

Yay! New chapter! And you're deviating even further from the game! =D

Every time a Turian, Krogan, salarian etc. says pony or a pony name I giggle like a wee lass.

Nah, I was revived by the Lazarus Project. :pinkiehappy:

When I said I'll be finishing this, I meant it. Even if I took another year.

Enjoying the story so far but i've noticed quite a few errors involving proper uses of he, she, him, and her. Also you sometimes forget to add a no or not to some statements.

That so? Forgive me for those. Sometimes my mind gets ahead of my writings and my fingers forget to type the appropriate pronouns. :derpyderp2:

Ugh. And I thought I had gotten better at fixing errors.

damn damn damn

omg update:pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: awsome story bro i'll be glad to see this story finished.

i see where their going to be able to use the elements now:pinkiehappy: poor luna.

I'm waiting for Twilight to start raiding peoples' stuff.

Twilight: (sitting on a couch, eating popcorn) "I emptied your lockers." :twilightsheepish:

I love this story. Even more than just being a decent crossover, you know how to take it off the rails and start making things interesting. Here's hoping you don't get quite as swamped for your next few updates as you did this last time!

So...does this mean the rachni queen is...Luna? :pinkiegasp:

Twilight: “Of course director. We’re not looters.”
:rainbowlaugh: A Mass Effect protagonist who doesn't loot all the lockers? Preposterous!

Now, now. Twilight isn't the sort to loot things off hand. :P Or off-hoof in this case.

(Also, doing a general cleanup of the previous chapters. I /should/ have fixed all the misplaced pronouns, especially those related to Angel. Will be going through them one more time before updating.)

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