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I eat tea.

You can find my music on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

If for some crazy reason you want to pay for music and support me financially, you can do this on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Bandcamp.

I also have Twitter and Tumblr where I spam random nonsensical stuff — feel free to chat up with me there, I don't bite.

Sometimes I do live DJ mixes on Mixlr, but that's quite uncommon, don't go there expecting any activity.

Besides that, facebook page exists and I also was kinda forced to have a Google+ page. Whatever.

My music

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Glad to see that you enjoyed Are We The Good Guys! Would love to hear what you thought!

Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for the fave on "Fluttershy's New "Friend""

Story Approver

Thanks for reading my story, "All That Remains." Don't forget to leave it an upvote if you haven't already. :scootangel:

Thanks for reading Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet! I hope you enjoyed it!


  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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