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Writing student who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.


Horse Writing Achievements:
—Fanfiction panelist at Bronycon 2015-18, Everfree Northwest 2014-15, and BronyCAN 2013-17.
—Hosted a writing panel featuring M.A. Larson.
—Maddy Peters (Scootaloo's voice actress) read and enjoyed my story A Feather In Her Cap.
—3rd Place in Everfree Northwest's 2014 Iron Author Competition.
—Wrote the script for the Breaking News at Everfree NW 2015! animation convention promo.
—Featured on Fimfiction 12 times.
—Featured by The Royal Guard 3 times.
—Featured on Equestria Daily 3 times.

Real World Writing Achievements:
—Won the Meadowlarks Award for outstanding achievement in fiction writing from my university in 2014.
—Wrote two FiM episode "spec" scripts for a second and a fourth-year scriptwriting course and received A+ on both.
—Wrote The Sundering for a second-year short fiction course, and it received the highest mark in the class.
—Working on a non-pony young adult novel entitled Flight of the Swan, which is being prepared for a directed study course.
—4.17 GPA as of the 2018 spring semester.

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About the Author

Prereader of The Royal Guard (defunct).

I was born on June 12, 1987. I am currently attending Vancouver Island University as a Creative Writing major, a journey which began on September 10, 2012 with an introduction to writing fiction class.

I began writing seriously because the series we all know and love inspired me to do so in the summer of 2011, the Great Season One-to-Two Pony Drought. That was when I conceived a notion that turned into Repercussions and sent me on my way to writing fiction.

My comedic work is my most well received, though I do enjoy writing dark/epic stories a lot. Rainbow Dash is best pony, and Cutie Mark Chronicles is best episode.


Signal Boost: Horse Voice's "I Cast a Deadly Shadow" · 4:23am September 1st

If there was a story that needed more love, it's this one. I can attest to this story's quality, as I had the pleasure of editing it last weekend, and I found little fault with the rough draft. The ending in particular is very well done.

So, if you're in the mood for some horse horror, please, check it out!

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I am an idiot, I knew the name was familiar, but I derped. :derpyderp2:

I was on 50 Shades you goofus. :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks so much for the watch! I'm guessing from Bronycon?

You're welcome.

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