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Though the distance between Pinkie Pie and her five closest friends has grown in the half-century since they claimed their Elements, she does what she can to prevent the others from drifting away. It’s small things, mostly: tea with Rarity, a drink with Rainbow Dash, a few words with each of the others. The friendship still makes each day together magic, and she works as hard as ever to bring cheer to all of her friends. When the smiles come less frequently, that just makes each one that much more precious.

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you... you son of a bitch... TT

These... these feels :applecry:

God. *ucking. Dam-dam ii-i i-itt!

You son of a bitch! When you said 'she married into the family', I thought you were talking about Fluttershy! :fluttershysad:

It's a good story. Perhaps I didn't cry, but it tugged at the heartstrings. It leaves me with a nice, fuzzy feeling. Thank you.


Wow only 7 likes and your on EqD? I gota read this.


That is all.

I'm a teetotaler. I don't drink. This is one of the few stories that makes me want to. *Uprate and Fav*

Heh, just as good as the first time I read it. Honestly, this one made me feel; made me feel hard.

So sad and great at the same time. I'm on the verge of tears. Great job!

I can't stop crying. I'm out of tears, but I'm crying out blood because of my body's biological need cry from the sadness I am feeling

That was so beautiful... I had to hold back tears so nobody could see me cry.

I leave the bouquet and an envelope by her headstone and make my way home.

If that wasn't a sucker punch then I don't know what is. :pinkiesad2:


The nice thing about EqD is that it catches things that FimFiction won't catch - FimFiction requires an eye-catching description, hook, etc which may come at the cost of deeper elements. Meanwhile, EqD stories get a spot all by themselves and has QC so the reader will expect something good and dive in.

That's why you can see more longfics on EqD, and more oneshots on FimFic.

meanwhile, deviant art is crying in the corner

Very poignant and quite beautiful. Pinkie's introspection is a lot more toned down than usual, but that really helps capture the creeping influence of age. All in all, very well done and a solid four stars.

Author Interviewer

Pssh, this ain't sad no more with your fancy new ending. :P

Oh, I'm crying now.

That was simply heartbreaking. It's so hard to address the fact that everyone loses their youth, especially the happy go lucky ponies we know so well.

And yet it had such a wonderful tinge of happiness that I just couldn't help but keep reading, because our beloved characters are still there, even if they're just older.

Ah, this was a fantastic story.

Pi #17 · Sep 3rd, 2012 · · ·

Good thing I read this at night. It would be awkward to explain to my family why my eyes are blood-shot and I've got a runny nose.

That was beyond amazing.

Utterly beautiful. :pinkiehappy:

Wow these feels :pinkiesad2:

You know, I don't get emotional too easily. Read through My Little Dashie and thought it was tripe.

DANG if this didn't get me misty eyed though! Very well written, my congrats! Excuse me while I go get this dirt out of my eye...

It's difficult to imagine such lighthearted characters such as our favorite ponies as becoming old and losing their youth to time but it is a beautiful thing that they are still together and still think of each other. This was absolutely amazing and I liked looking into Pinkie's thoughts as she realizes that she's not as young as she used to be and that making others smile isn't as easy for her as it once was. The fragility of life is such a touchy subject for some and it's even sadder knowing that our mane 6 will have to experience it as well. Thank you for this insightful story and I certainly hope that this won't be your last.:raritywink:

"Fluttershy is silent."
You son of a... no, no, no, you didn't... please tell me you didn't...
*finishes reading*

I love these stories as much as I hate them. Good job, good choices all around.

You bitch. I honestly cried at the Fluttershy part. :applecry:

Very very thoughtful and emotional story, no other world could fit this type of story the best.

Friendship is Forever.

Thank You.

All the feels...

I cant believe Fluttershy was the first one to go. :fluttercry:

The feels... They are there. They make me wanna cry... Great story.:twilightsmile::fluttershysad:

I very much enjoyed this. Well done. :twilightsmile:

You killed Fluttershy.
You f*cking killed Fluttershy.
WHY?! :raritydespair::raritycry: :fluttershysad::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttercry:
I'LL KILL YOU IF IT KILLS ME! :flutterrage:
Man, I hope you get this is a joke.

This is beautiful. Thanks!

Very nice.

*long review alert*

I thought the story was quite good overall. You do a good job of weaving poetic description and genuine emotion into your story, with subtle storytelling and good vocabulary. I will say that this kind of story isn't terribly hard to do, and that it's common fare in fanfics, since it plays on such universal sentiments. But that being said, this particular ‘looking back’ tale is done particularly well. It’s fairly short, but it does a good job building a story with the scope it takes. It avoids the major pitfalls of becoming overly maudlin, or getting too wrapped up in particular details. What it does do is build emotional weight to tell a compelling story.

The strength of this story is its sense of ennui and emotional heartache with the march of time. Fitting it through Pinkie makes it that much more potent, and you do a good job showing time's emotional and physical tinge against her naiveté of youthful exuberance. In other words, it makes it a sadder tragedy that even a seemingly ageless character like Pinkie would have to acknowledge the weight of time's passing.

My critiques are minor. One thing, perhaps it’s a small point, but an exact timeframe is never explicitly established. Maybe it doesn’t need to be established, but it always seems preferable to me to have as clear a sense as possible of the story setting as possible.

I felt the parts with Fluttershy were the best parts of the story. It’s so wonderfully written, and the emotional ache of connectedness that they had. Somehow though, I felt the fact that she was dead just didn't ring right. At the very least, if she had passed, I felt we needed some more details of her passing.

Rarity was enjoyable, though perhaps a bit vague and generic about her life. It seems to hint at her having over-expended herself in her life, though it doesn’t say why. Rainbow Dash was also very nice. The thought of her being a living eulogy was wonderfully tender, and her stubborn personal pride, though not unexpected, was done well. Applejack’s portion was nice, though I felt it lacked specificity. The course of her life seems believable and expected, but there’s not much sense of emotional connection between the two, or anything particular about her development.

Another thing I found missing, at least in my opinion, was any reference to families they may have had (spouses, children, etc). Again, I realize that this may have been a personal choice by the author, and to be fair, the show itself is also notorious for not providing much fodder for this area. But the story feels lacking without at least something about it.

The one thing I thought was truly disappointing was the ending. It felt too abrupt, emotionally and lengthwise. First off, after getting such a long emotional take with each of the other four ponies, I was disappointed we didn't get similar treatise with Twilight. Secondly, by ending the story right on the party, it felt hollow, and too sudden of an emotional turn. That's not to say the story can't have the party, but it really felt like the story needed to have a more complete resolution. Some level of reconcilation, or some emotional catharsis, something to acknowledge all that's happened, and the empathy and connectedness they all still desire to share.

Wow, that was lengthy! Thanks for writing, it was a enjoyable read. I appreciate the effort you people put into writing these stories, so I enjoy giving them these long reviews in return.

p.s. A couple of metaphors I found that didn’t work well: “a canon can launch decorations but never sharing,” and “tea as bitter as the memories.”

I leave the bouquet and an envelope by her headstone and make my way home.

My feels man! This is not a happy way to start the day! :applecry:

But it was a beautiful story.

You know how in those crazy-long shonen anime like Dragon Ball Z or Bleach, the characters will stand around talking smack about power levels? And then the new enemy or whatever rolls in and his power level just makes everyone stand around gawping for a while?

That just happened to me. I read your synopsis and skimmed the comments, and I know--I know--that this story will utterly wreck me.

I've got better things to do tonight than sob uncontrollably, so I'm going to let this lie for now. Just wanted to salute your terrifying power. :rainbowhuh:

My feels hurt.

In a more serious sense, I love it. It's got a perfect tone, kind of sad and looking back. Faved.




Very poignant indeed.

Storys about Pinkie or Rainbow Dash growing old give me feels, because those two you can't really think of them getting old and slowing down, I mean its Pinkie and Rainbow Dash their not meant to be old.
Nice story though.

I must say, a remarkable story.:eeyup:

The last section really, really brings it together Ebon. PInkie's section was upbeat, but the party just, I dunno, brings it together somehow.

You're trying to kill me.
You're trying to kill me because you want my stereo.
That has to be it. Why else would you have broken my heart in so many little, tiny, pony shaped pieces?

On a serious note, the story is fantastic. I cried. Ye gods, how sad, and made all the more so by the truth behind the story. A truth we will all have to face for ourselves someday. Well done.

Tired, y u no featured? Many many more views than the featured stories.

My reaction to Fluttershy's death: Fuck.............

Wonderful story, EbonMane; sad and joyful at the same time, melancholy and very conscious about the passing of the time, but never wasting time on regrets or denial.

I was impressed by your use of Pinkie Pie as the narrator. She has matured, a lot, but she remains herself. Well done!

Oh...oh my....:fluttershbad::fluttershbad:

My feels... they hurt so much:raritycry::raritydespair::applecry:

Wonderful story as always. If I try to say anything else i'll just make a mess of it.

I can sum this up in one word: Beautiful.

Great job. A poignant tale that really tugs on the ol' heartstrings.

Now... where did I leave that box of Kleenex?

Brb, got something in my eye.

That was really beautiful, great job. You seem to have a talent for the introspective.

Interesting. I liked it.

I didn't get feels, but it was very well done. Good touch on the whole Fluttershy thing... lends itself to a touch of reality, and sadness. Pinkie Pie is a true friend to the end.

There's that Twilight scene I wanted so badly.

Nice work on this, Ebon.

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