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On the Bridges I've Burned · 6:50am May 18th, 2014

So I'm back. You may have noticed that the last blog post I put up before BABSCon was back in October of 2012. I kind of fell out of the fandom around then, especially after Unicon the February after that. I never really stopped liking MLP and kept up with episodes and some other things, but I stopped keeping up with fanfic and resigned from EqD.

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Hi Ebon! I wanted to ask… are you familiar with the MLP infection AUs that have been going around on Tiktok? If so, what’s your opinion? And would there be a possible prequel for The Cough about the virus?

One more thing… If you decide to look into it, start with Pestraobia by osushat, then Smile Virus by bunnyizcute.

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what a joik >:B

3054656 And July 2021, too! You been dissed, PP!

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You came around in 2020 and you didn't even say hi? D:

Apparently you're still around?

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