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*tears form* I-can't---:raritycry:

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:raritycry: I shed the manliest tears...

Must not cry... must not cry:fluttercry:

So if Luna has abdicated the throne, then she is no longer royalty but I really doubt anypony let her come down of the lofty pedestal that they put her on. No longer involved in the government she is likely the source of the society's code of ethics and morals, similar to the goddess figures they are always talked about being. One binding chain for another really, and I would see being responsible for shaping the morals and feelings of a society as something far more burdensome than simply shaping its laws and policies. A thousand years of loneliness and governance for Celestia, a thousand years of loneliness, sorrow, hope, and empathy for Luna. Another great work.

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sad but wunderful

You should right a book! you can make anybody cry!!! Even the toughest of people will shed a tear if u try!!!! :applecry:

And suddenly a manly tear. Oh dear.

sniff, Twilight died... sniff:raritydespair:

everything and everyone grows old and withers....


for these wonderful pieces of imagination it does not have to be the end :raritywink:

The tears that this story earned were not manly in the slightest. They were the tears of a small child. Your story made me cry like a small child.
Thank you for a truly amazing fic. I can't even find it in me to be sarcastic or cheeky. I... I think I need to go pet a kitten or plant some flowers or something now.

wait what?? the ruins they were in were they canterlot or poniville?????

Weird. This is one of my all-time favorites and I didn't leave a comment. :twilightoops:
Yeah, I remember all the countless previous times I've read this I was on mobile...

Damn, you write way too many tragedy-tag and dark-tag stories. Lighten up and use your talent in a way that doesn't fucking depress everybody.


Read U-Harmony

Good job on this one!

This makes story #3 i've favorited of yours, Ebon. +1 Follower(s) get.

So what was the romance tag for? Implied Twilestia? Even after reading I can't say I've figured it out. :applejackconfused:

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