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Rainbow Dash is an unlikely matchmaker, but she's also not a pony that leaves her friends hanging. When she sees the feelings Applejack and Rarity have for each other, she tries to get them together, but ends up struggling with the knowledge that those very feelings may end up keeping them apart.

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This went in a really cool direction. :twilightsmile:

oh god Ebon Mane posted a story, even my feels have feels

That was a delightful little one-shot, and it went in an unexpected direction! Well done~

I liked this. Was not expecting it to end that way, but it was a good way for it to go.

Pony one gets a crush on pony two. Pony one asks pony two out. Pony two of course also has a crush on pony one, so pony two agrees.

:facehoof: That sums up pretty much every shipping fic on this site

On a meta level, Dash is a little bit like me and writing. I have all these stories in my head and I know exactly where I want them to end up -- but getting those stories to cooperate with me and get written is a bit like trying to nudge Rarity and Applejack closer together. Not that you would have gone for that level of authorial commentary at all -- it's just nice to get this problem of mine recast into different terms.

I'd love to see a little expansion on Rainbow Dash reconnecting with Gilda someday. Again I find myself in a similar situation with an estranged friend who I just realized was graduating from college this weekend. It was nice to see Dash and Gilda talking to each other and even enjoying themselves a little, even as they know what they did to each other.

Now I'm wondering what the pegasus equivalent of the phrase would be. "Kicking thunderclouds"? It has a similar connotation of something that creates a lot of short-term damage and leaves the situation permanently changed, though it lacks the connotation of connection.

Anyway, neat little piece. :twilightsmile:

This was a lovely read. It went in a different direction indeed than what I was expecting from the start, but it was a good direction. Nice to see you back and writing again!

Also, this?

Friendship was—like all good things in life—a competition. Everypony won, of course, but Rainbow Dash intended to win the most.

This is an absolutely great summation of Rainbow Dash. :rainbowkiss:

You know, I continue to be amused by the fact that Applejack is standing in for you-know-who.

4605663 I don't know who?! Who is it? Is it Rainbow Dash?

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I wrote a review of this story here.


Cool! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Also, your commentary about never trying and never failing has helped inspire me to actually get down to serious plot outlining on a TwiPie shipfic that I've been putting off for far too long.

That's good to hear! I look forward to seeing it (and inevitably reviewing it :raritywink: :heart: ).

It really is too bad this story didn't get more attention; it is very good.

There is no valid reason why this story should have a downvote. This is one of the best thought-provoking stories I have read here. And its ending wasn't predictable from the first paragraph.
Wonderful! And a perfect glimpse at RD philosophy!
Titanium Dragon's review guided me here, and I am so glad I came!

I did not see the ending coming.

Dash learned an interesting lesson from talking to Twi.

Well, this is all deep and thoughtful and well-written and all that mushy stuff, but unfortunately I can't read things like

her serious business pegasus face

without immediately thinking of
which kind of ruins the mood.

I think it's Voldemort.


I think you really got everyones voice right, and the character of Dash and her thinking. I loved how you decided to end it.

Goes on my favorite list :twilightsmile:

I was hoping that the lesson RD gets out of things was the one she eventually did. The very ending was rather nice, too. Overall, very pleasant ship-fic-ish story, I enjoyed quite a bit.

Ah, its both sad and heartwarming to read this. RD grows and builds a new bridge while those two dare not to change the bridge they have for fear it goes down in flames. It's a rare thing to see the aspect of fear used like this but also kinda understandable.

That little meta line is brilliant.

I reviewed this long ago but didn't notify you here. A belated apology and rectification. Also a like and favourite. A refreshing change from a standard shipfic, and a clever little piece all round.

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