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Rainbow Dash is pregnant, but hasn't told any of her friends. As the months progress and it becomes more obvious, she can't keep it a secret forever...can she?

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I eagerly await more. Can't wait to see how long she can keep up the charade.

Not bad. Interesting premise. Mane 6 ain't off character. Pretty decent if not good writing. I'll be watching.

“Well it’s... certainly not a secret she can keep forever... is it?”

I dunno...this is Rainbow Dash we're talking about here...I mean, consider the absolutely mad lengths she'd go to just to keep Pinkie Pie from finding out that she didn't like pies...

Huh. Either I'm an emotionless rock or just missing the comedy here cause I didn't laugh once. Maybe it will start showing in the later chapters.

I have to agree with Pinkie. I'm looking forward to seeing Rainbow as the months progress. I also think she knows she's pregnant seeing as how she refused the alcohol. Who is the daddy then? I hope Soarin but I won't stop reading if it's not.

:moustache: DON'T LOOK AT ME!
:duck: I know you all too well
:twilightsmile: Spiked ?

“Well it’s... certainly not a secret she can keep forever... is it?”

*Looks at the episode about Pinkie's pies*
Well she's certainly going to try to, at least up until she's holding the foal in her hooves.

God, did she finally let Zephyr Breeze get it?

Assuming it goes on for that long, I look forward to her attempts when she's really big in the belly.

Have to say this IS an entertaining start to the story. Yeah, the others noticing how out of character Rainbow is acting and (at least THINKING) they figured out why is a good detail.

Admittedly, it's possible the rest of the Mane Six are wrong and the REAL reason Rainbow is acting so out of character is another reason entirely. It's possible, but PRETTY unlikely.

Of course, it brings the question of the identity of the father into question. It's possible she got knocked up during a one-night stand while she was too drunk to know who the father is herself. In that case, she would be keeping quiet because she is too embarrassed that she allowed herself to get THAT drunk. Of course, it's ALSO possible it was a stallion she trusted enough to get that close and, as such, she DOES know who the father is, but the number of stallions she would trust that much are few and far between (and two of them [Shining Armor and Big Mac] are already married and NOT the "cheating" type [despite what an insanely large number of Teen and Mature rated fan-fictions would have you believe]). Of course, in this case, it might be (and probably WAS) mutually consensual (since this story has no tags to indicate rape or anything like that [and, in THAT case, she would be a lot more angry anyway]), but still embarrassing enough that Rainbow is reluctant to admit it.

But, yeah, the game night banter before the girls started discussing Rainbow's possible pregnancy was enjoyable and the girls' characterizations were pretty good. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this.


at least up until she's holding the foal in her hooves

I think you're underestimating Equestria's fastest ""babysitter"".

Im gonna say....

I'm only thinking Spike because of his attitude as well. Maybe he's been helping out or something.


OK, will track that one, with Dash in the lead, this should get hilarious :rainbowwild:

Any estimation how long it will be (10K, 50K, 100K words) :unsuresweetie:?


"What are you talking about? I've never been pregnant," Rainbow Dash said, lying in a hospital bed after ten hours of labor, cradling a small, rainbow-maned foal in her arms.

This is pretty cute so far. Personally, I'm hoping the father is Soarin. XD (SoarinDash shipper coming through)
I felt the same way.

“Muh,” was all he said as he scratched the inside of his nose and went back upstairs.

I kinda feel pity for the guy as the only one with hands here.

Am I missing something? Cuz 8 J Q K A unsuited is...literally air in Hold'em. Unless Dash went all in on anything less than a pocket pair, had no Ace, didn't pair anything, and Pinkie won with the Ace as a high card.

well let hope it not zephyr she never live that down :rainbowlaugh:

Nice characterization, if a little lacking in much detail beyond Applejack and Rainbow — but I'd put that down to the fact it's just the first chapter or that Applejack in particular will end up playing some important role. Overall good introduction to the premise; starting straight with an event ("Game night") to introduce the concept was a much better idea than starting off with descriptive prose to set the scene.


(sets up a snack table for one) now I can wait till it goes south on poor rainbow dash.

Awesome start.

But I will say this: please for the love of Celestia, do NOT let Zephyr Breeze be the father.

more like a porked her face, am I right lads?:rainbowwild:

Obviously it's Spitsoarin. MAAAAGIC!

I am quite intrigued as to what events lay beyond this first chapter. :heart::derpyderp1:

Changed the eight to a ten. The idea was that Pinkie had a flush. I'm not a big card player, which is why that's the only hand described in detail

Flush is all the same suit! Straight is 5 cards in ascending order ;p

Enjoying this so far. I feel like this could be an actual plot of a comic.

La historia esta buena, se siente como si uno estuviera leyendo un comic o algo así, la seguiré.

A slight suggestion is to up the weight line. Even a newborn miniature horse weighs a whopping 20 pounds.

I look forward to seeing Dash try to explain it away when she reaches the point where anyone looking at her can see the harder kicks at a glance.

“That’s just what it does, y’know? When your body gets used to foods ya don’t normally eat, it makes other stuff taste better!”

Well...she's not wrong. :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh I’m sure, I’m sure,” Applejack nodded. “I’ll bet you could lose about...ten or twelve pounds, all at once.”

“Uh... p-probably not... that much weight,” Rainbow Dash said, subtly touching a hoof to her stomach. “Maybe more like six or...maybe seven.”

I wonder if that's her hoping the foal will be a small one...you know, so it'll be more likely to be lean, mean, quick and speedy like her mother. :pinkiehappy:

...or it could just be me reading too much into it. :rainbowlaugh:

Pony babies are much closer to human babies in terms of development than actual horse babies, so it stands to reason they'd be a lot lighter.

Then I suppose my first question is why ?

Probably the answer is who.

ok. that's it. (sets up a table) i'm taking bets on how long it'll take for gals to get Dash to tell them what's going on.

So, what do the Wonderbolts think of her "diet"? Surely, they must be concerned with how far she's getting.

5 bits on "one month before the birth".

Goddamn someone just be blunt before Dash hurts herself or endangers her foal because of her stupid pride. This wouldn't be the first time she has injured herself because of stupid pride over common sense.

Dang, Pinkie's on point in this chapter! Special kudos to not quite getting what Applejack was trying to do.

Also it's "My Little Pony" not "My Full Grown Horse". They're definitely smaller then a normal horse.

10 bits on "after the foal graduates from college."

Dash's excuses are hilarious.

They read ‘Pinkie Pie’s Babysitting Service’ above an elaborate image of Pinkie juggling a trio of foals. Beneath it, in ink and different handwriting, was another line that read ‘Disclaimer: Pinkie Pie will not juggle your children.’


10 bits on aj blowing up at rd

:rainbowkiss: How's the new speedster outfit look?
:yay: It's nice, I think you look swelled
:pinkiehappy: Makes you look like a pink maretini olive on a toothpick with wings
:ajsmug: It's a dang mareternity dress
:rainbowhuh: You told me it was a workout piece
:moustache: Just wait till you push out that feathered watermelon , you'll wish for more stretchy fabric
:rainbowhuh: I hope You and Rarity lay an egg
:raritystarry: Rainbow Dash!
:twilightsmile: Oh look another baby bump
:raritycry: Spike!
:rainbowwild: Yea, I knew it all along!
:twilightoops: I was kidding!
:moustache: Should I run?
:duck: Not if you want to live
:ajbemused: No way..... Spike with Rarity and oh what ever...
:facehoof: They're all getting some action but me
:pinkiesmile: Have you read any good books too?

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