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"Consequences… Give a person a situation with no consequences and you’ll see the real them… Every time."

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New year's resolutions... · 1:29am Jan 1st, 2023

Happy new year, 2023 :twilightsmile:! Darn... I don't know about you, but to me, 2022 passed FAST! Then again, with all the crap that happened around the world, maybe that's for the better :trixieshiftleft:.

I decided to give 2023 a chance and start it with some optimism and set up some resolutions I'll try to keep. Here is a list if someone wants to keep me accountable :trixieshiftright::

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I imagine Poland trying to push that red button would look something like this:



Jokes aside... believe me, nobody here wants this conflict to escalate further or... turn nuclear :unsuresweetie:.

Comment posted by Deep deleted Nov 15th, 2022

3183555 I call those people complacent and decadent. They are not prepared!



True, but for some reason, most people prefer to be happy instead of depressed. Crazy, I know! I complained about it but... :unsuresweetie:

3182876 The reverse is also true. If you want to get happy, all you have to do is go watch an episode of FiM.

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