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Stories where Twilight becomes Reformed Changeling.

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Ha! ScootaSquee ExMachina!

Because i like how cute is Scootaloo on your avatar :3

Thanks for letting me join! Why is this so?

Thank you Darmiranc1 for the idea of writing such a story.

We have a story on the feature list!

"Our new queen"

I really, really want to see more stories by different authors do something with the premise of the one story you have here; Twilight is transformed into the queen of the reformed changelings, and as a result automatically becomes Thorax's mate, and has to adjust to the situation.


I’m not planning on any story with Twi as the changeling but… sure I’ll join – why not :twilightsmile:

Well Twilight does become a changeling in my story *shrug*

I meant evil race not Twilight XD

Twilight isn't evil *big eyes*

I think any hive twilight is in charge or part of is not going to be evil,

This is group about REFORMED changeling. Not about evil ones.

I knew of good story for this group, is one option,

Ah, what the hell. I'll join. This actually intrigues me. I haven't thought about a Changeling Twilight

In the future, I plan a story in this style.

the group idea is great also would love a story like this

Because I like when someone is watching my group

  • Viewing 3 - 22 of 22