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I am here to prove that even someone that has dyslexia can write stories. All feedback is appreciate​, and always have a smile.

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Hello · 4:07am Oct 31st, 2022

So I change up one of my stories with Limestone. After editing it and clearing up some facts, most of the story is the same, but I made it so that a sequel is needed. Once I get the storyline organized, I will upload it. I am not sure when I will get back on the other stories, but we will see what happens. Also, I am almost out of college, so :yay:.


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Either way, great job

Yes. It's can be a pain when writing or talking. It worst when i am tired.

You have Dyslexia?

Thank you, I am just an ordinary person but I would like to read a story that Sandbar and Yona had sexual relations but without finishing studying at the friendship school, so Yona got pregnant with her and Sandbar's child and they do their best to hide her pregnancy. Too bad this story doesn't exist, but you could create it. Can you please make this story come true?

If you are asking for a sequel for the Our New Queen. Then you have to wait. I am still working on it along with other stories.
As for story requests not really. It has to be something that gets my interest for me to write about something. Not to mention that I doubt I could make another story as good as the Queen story.

Hi. when I saw your Our New Queen story, I was very impressed that Twilight look beautiful as a changeling queen. So do you do request stories, by any chance?. Twirax is one of my favorite pair.

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

I was just wondering.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of FlutterCord.

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