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Plans · 5:45pm 6 days ago

The story for Our new Queen ending is clear but As I look through my stories. I can't help but feel disappointed in my work in my first Story "Why me?" do to the sequel of "Why us?". It died. And I can't stand that. So I am restarting the story and cutting off some chapters end of the story and continuing with Jessica funny adventures around Pony Ville. I don't know if people are going to read it but I want to give Jessica an ending that I can handle writing.

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Hey, have a group you might be interested in.
Other people seem to like it.


Sure, but what was the story again? I lost the page to your help request.

Are you still interested in helping edit my story?

Next chapters 95% done.

Suffering from writer's block. Please stand by.

I made some updates to "Why Me" chapters the story should be better to understand now.

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Hello, and welcome to Fimfiction.net!

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