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Random Romance.

What images come to mind when you read those words? A chance encounter? A secret rendezvous? A lonely mare seeking out a special somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day? The beauty of randomness is that you never know what you’ll get. Will Trixie go from being Great and Powerful to Great and Lustful? Will Twilight finally get her muzzle out of her books long enough to notice Thunderlane? Can Big Mac be ‘elite’ enough to charm the untouchable Fleur de Lis?

Random Romance is a contest-oriented group designed to explore the unknown and unlikely concepts of My Little Pony shipping. Every month the group hosts a new contest that takes two random ponies and challenges members to ship them as a romantic couple. How is the couple chosen? In the most random way we could think of: we draw names from hats.

That’s the beauty, and the challenge; there really is no telling what lucky ponies will be shipped together next! Will Octavia have to soothe a Moon Princess’ woes with her music? Can Shining Armor and Sunset Shimmer possibly be put together without an AU tag? Can Fluttershy and Daring Do prove that opposites really do attract? These are just some of the questions that have already been addressed from the entirely random selection process!

But what about the fans? Don’t they get see the couples they want?

We hear you! Members are free to recommend couples, and every other month we randomly select a recommended couple to star in a contest. So go ahead, make a request! You never know if your favorite duo might be selected next.

How did your story fare compared to the others? That’s up to the members! All Random Romance members may vote on their favorite story of the month, even if they didn’t enter the contest. The story with the most votes will be featured on our front page and be put on the Random Romance Review fast track!

That’s right, Random Romance Review. Every two weeks our reviewers will offer their thoughts on a story in the group, and the winner of the month is always next in line. We want to get to every story, but the sheer number of them means the wait can be a long, so write your best to get in front of the crowds!

Want to give us a try and test your skills against other writers? Think you’re better than the competition? Come to us and prove it with your creativity! Every contest is a new and unpredictable challenge just waiting to test your literary skills. This month we have the lovable Cheerilee set to have a romantic Hearts and Hooves Day with the darling Roseluck! How will you put them together? Old friends? Rivals? Frenemies?

Who knows? It is a Random Romance, after all.

[Prompt Hat Roster]

Request Roulette Roster

The group's hiatus is officially at a close, and with this comes – that's right – a new contest! For our returning contest entry, we've dug our romance-hungry hooves into the request roulette list to find a pairing that would be most suitable.

First up, the most eligible bachelor in all of Equestria!

Aww, look at Fancy Pants all by himself on that cold Canterlot balcony. Y'know what they say, it's lonely at the top. Perhaps if he'd set his sights beyond the glimmering walls of Canterlot he's find some love?

Speaking of which, who might his fiery companion be for this contest?

Yep, the most uncouth Pony this side of Foal Mountains, Applejack!

Gotta wonder how this one's gonna go. There are so many juicy possibilities with this pairing, I can't wait to see what the contestants come up with! Because this is the first contest we've done in a while, we're going to make this one go for two months. Entries are due by September 1st!

Any writers interested in entering the contest, please read the rules below.

Competition Rules

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, feel free to contact one of our staff.
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Hi, everyone! Glad to be here! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Expect some stories from me soon!

I'm randomly shipping different species! :rainbowlaugh:

I am developing a :derpyderp1:x:moustache: fic.

Hi, I'm new! I can't wait to start competing! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, they gave a little extra time for submissions for March because nopony submitted except me when April rolled by, and winning unchallenged isn't really all that awesome. So that's why a winner hasn't been announced. I think Beans said that they're going to close up the contest on the tenth. As for an April contest I have no idea. PM one of the mods, you'll have better luck there rather than in the comments section.:raritywink:

Is no one else entering this month, or did I mess something up? What is happening? Did I get the submission deadline wrong? I thought the contest ends at the end of the month. Help me internet people, you're my only hope.

Derplestia eh? Get ready Random Romance. A new challenger approaches. Silver Hands has entered the playing field.

Hey all!
I'm back!

You are rolling dice with heart-shaped dots to see who to pair up. Maybe you have a different definition of crackship than I do. Which is fine.

Actually, blatant crackships are expressly forbidden and get booted if discovered. :trixieshiftright: We're interested in real romance stories...or at least stories with a romantic edge to them.

This is the worst concept for a group ever. And yet I somehow feel compelled to press the "Join" button anyhow.
It's like a grand central station for trainwreck crackships created at random. I hope to have a submission come January's roll of the dice.

Not sure I'll be entering this one. Last month was a terribly slow period for my main stories, and I really need to focus on them properly for a while. Still, if inspiration strikes...

To clarify: this is a contest-specific group. Any submissions need to be for the current contest. Do try it! :pinkiehappy:

There will be a folder called "Submissions for current contest" usually within the first week of the month. Just post your submission in there.

And welcome to Fimfic! :twilightsmile:

To be in the contest, is there a specific place to post the story, or do we just put it up like any other story. New to FiMfic.

Okay, I just gotta say... the only way I could see this month's prompt working without going AU was going into the past. And writing Shining Armor not as a prince, but as a cocky, self-assured jock is fraking hilarious.

Behold! The new and improved greeting message.

Hello, and thank you for joining Random Romance, whether you're a writer or a reader, we hope you enjoy being a part of the group. Contest submission and voting rules can be found here. Contest entrants are voted on by the users so don't forget to read, and vote!

If you have a certain pair you'd like to see as a prompt, be sure to check out the Request Roulette.

If you're a writer and need a little help, we have a resource for writers to use as well.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, just post them on the front page, or PM Danger Beans.

Thanks for joining :twilightsmile:

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