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Danger Beans
Group Admin

These are the Rules for submitting a story into a contest, failure to comply with these will result in disqualification.

1.) No Stories rated higher than Teen, this means no X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gorey stories. This one is arguably the easiest to follow, because if your story doesn't fit into the teen rating, the FimFic story approvers, will notify you.

2.) No stories written before the date of the contest start. It's not fair to submit a Luna-Tavi fic you had six months to work on, when everyone-else only gets a few weeks. The contest start date will always be the 1st of the month.

3.) All submissions must have a minimum length of at least 2000 words. There is no maximum.

4.) No humanized/anthro stories.

5.) No Incest, or foalcon. EX - you cannot make a story about Trixie and Lyra, being sisters or foals. And submit it if we have a Lyra x Trixie contest.

6.) All Stories must be completed upon submission.

7.) No crack/troll fics. Romantic-Comedy is fine, but contest submissions should be meant to be taken seriously.

8.) You can submit a story as soon as you finish it. And you can make it as long as you want it to be.
But once you submit it to the submissions folder, you can make no further edits until the conclusion of the contest.

This last one isn't really a rule, so much as a guideline. Don't read the other submissions until you've already posted your own. I've been talking to some other authors and apparently what happens quite a lot is that; an author will read a someone else's contest submission, and get totally psyched out, because nothing they write could "possibly be as good" and then they quit. The writer never finds out how their story would of matched up. And the readers get one less story to read. Its a lose-lose situation.

Voting Rules:
0.) every member, regardless of whether they submitted a story to the contest, get one vote

1.) Please only post the name of your choice, no blurbs as to why you thought that story deserved it. Thats what the comments are for.

2.) No harassment. If I find out that anyone has been harassing our members because they didn't agree with their voting choice, they will be immediately removed from this group. If they have any stories submitted, these will also be removed.

3.) No asking for votes. Any post that ask for votes on a story, will be deleted. If you want to ask for votes, then ask your followers, not other members.

4.) No, you are not allowed to vote for yourself. :facehoof:

Any authors who didn't quite make the cut, please PM me, post-contest submissions will be taken until 5 days after voting closes.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, just post or PM, and I shall answer to the best of my ability.

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