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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart

Kuno and Warden are happily together now, but events are transpiring to force them from their happy life.

The reappearance of the Crystal Empire causes Kuno and Warden to give up their new-found home. And Kuno, ignoring the fact that they're two different species and completely incompatible, decides that she wants a baby.

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Jesus Titty Christ AP, guess you found some ideas for a sequel when you had planned on retiring these two lovable characters last we had word.

Reading it now. : )

EDIT - Okay, read it now. Shame bout Warden still being crippled, and it seems like it is indeed permanent. I have no clue how the whole Crystal Empire might come into play with endangering them, but I suppose time will tell. Beyond that, not too much to say, it was a great intro to this next chapter in the life of Kuno and Warden, and their interactions were oh so filled with D'awws.

I will be looking forward to future chapters of this AP!

... Thank you. I can now proceed to never sleep again.

INSTANT FAV! Just because the first one was SO BUCKIN INCREDIBLY AWESOME! :rainbowwild:

"Squee," muthabucka.

Green hoof just shook her head at them.


I am so happy :pinkiehappy:

Hooray, they are back. But how would a changeling be able to have kids with a pony? Genetics, how does is work?

Yay! I was wondering if this was going to get a sequel.

This is going to be fantastic. Absolutely fantastic :pinkiehappy:

:yay: yay

New fic with thiees two. Read it and loved it :rainbowkiss:

Oh shit AP is writing again. *SQUEEEEEE*

I think we should hold our horses ponies for now until it's brought up into the story, no need to talk about while the story just got out you know?

What I like to know is that why is the gang all the suddenly in the Tundra Wastleland(?) that far north into Equestria and who is this "third-wheel" that they picked up in this journey? Is she Warden's maid due to his injury or some sort of mistress/worker as she clearly seems a bit disgusted but not enough to go against them? Time will tell I guess.

this is the best christmas gift ever.:heart::pinkiehappy::twilightblush::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish:

1852178 Read chapter 16 of the previous story :derpyderp2:

I have affirmed Warden as the Best Pony.

But I have to ask, does Green Hoof live in the house? If so, that tub conversation would be very awkward. I do love the idea of Warden being more assertive and being less E for Everyone and more T for Teen. Hopefully he may reach M for Mature like Kuno.

All in all, I missed this story so much. Thank you for reviving it.

So happy right now :fluttercry:

This is the is a great Christmas present thank you :pinkiehappy:

I am so looking forward to seeing were this one will lead!:raritystarry:

Words cannot express how happy I am that you're continuing with Kuno and Warden's adventure!
I'm also happy that you liked my art gift enough to use it as the cover! :pinkiehappy:

YEE! :heart:

Whoops, guess no one told Warden season 3 started, eh? And yes, I squeed a little too when I found out there was a sequel. :derpytongue2:

By the way, when it's said he can't sleep on his right side any more. Um, the story picture has him sleeping on his right side. :rainbowhuh:

Kuno gave an innocent giggle, rubbing her hoof along the leading edge of his wing slowly. “I was just contemplating the implications of replacing our bedside vaseline with this stuff.”
Warden paled. “You wouldn’t.”
Giggling more, Kuno shook her head. “But it’s an amusing image. ‘Is it in yet?’ ‘I don’t know!’ “

- Utter brilliance.

You have a few instances where your sentences are a little awkwardly structured and run on, along with the bane of my existence, improperly conjugated verbs. But dang it this story is so cute!


Whoow! Sequel!
Hope it goes as well as the first, best of luck with it!

...no words to describe the coming of the sequel.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we are back after the commercial break, Back to everyone´s favourite couple, now let us see what adventures they will experience this time around in, "AN AFFLICTION OF THE HEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT.... Volume two...." XD

Comment posted by Crimson Dale deleted Dec 25th, 2012

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: YOU USED MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!! BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Volume two:rainbowhuh:...? Volume two:pinkiegasp:?? Volume two:pinkiehappy:!!!

I'm so happy for this sequel to release. Awesome, Pegasus!
FYI: The video above is from Jontron and it's meant to express my excitement and my 'love' towards the author.

Aww geez, how did I manage to forget the first part of the epilogue!?! Derpity derp derp indeed...

Maybe I should go and punish myself by playing with bubbles or perhaps do something more...devious and diabolical in mind >:D

Hey Anon, I have the first season box collection of MLP and have this delicious glass of grape juice that you should have, don't mind the bubbly taste, its just an after taste:pinkiehappy:

My phone So i cant add anything to my favorites D: NOOOOOO!

Oh my god the adorableness. :pinkiehappy:

Crystal Empire? All that means is Warden is gonna get some new neighbors in the form of Princess Candence and Prince/Captain Shining Armor (I say prince because of the whole marriage thing.) That's gotta be awkward to say the least, there's that plus the annoying evil unicorn King Sombrero: who mumbles, laughs and only says "slaves" and "crystals".
It seems like it could be a sitcom.

The annoying comic relief: Sombrero
The kind voice of reason: Candence
The guy who is always pissed off: Shining Armor
The one that makes suggestive comments: Kuno
The normal one: Warden

YEEEESSSSS!!!! All my love goes to you. :pinkiecrazy:
Thank you so much for continuing! :pinkiehappy:

I've been wondering how much money Warden would be making after the crystal empire returns.

Goddamint now i have to wait until it's finished XD

Well until then...good luck :twilightsmile:

Is that chapter name a reference to a certain FoE fic?


Hooray! Very promising first chapter, looking forward to more!:raritystarry:

Wonderful, wonderful... keep going. :moustache:

mfw, omg a sequel! :pinkiegasp:
you've made this pony very happy my friend. this right here, this is gonna keep me going for awhile. thank you thank you thank you thank you. :pinkiehappy:

sees this...... cry's tears of happiness

*dies instantly of diabeetus*


*comes back to life as a zombie for no other reason than to read the fic*

... wat? I thought that the first one wouldn't have a sequel... I'VE BEEN LIED TO!!!!

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