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Daring Do, the legendary treasure-hunter, having recently retrieved her latest artifact, now has to face her rather awkward family.

*Character portraits redacted to avoid spoilers*

Chapters (1)
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Well, they do have the same last name... Works for me!:pinkiehappy:

...HOW WAS THIS NOT DONE SOONER?!?!?!?:rainbowhuh:

this touched my heart and made me cry a tear.

Was this inspired by 'The Sisters Doo'? Anyway, great story, though I wish it were a bit longer. I love this kind of stuff.:yay:

848345 Read "The Sisters Doo."

I was expecting them to be sisters... just how old is Ditsy?:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::rainbowhuh::twilightoops:

I really like this a bit more than the alternative relation theories I've heard. It was sweet.

I love this. I'm going a bit crazy with speculation about the next chapter, but maybe this is set around the time the Mane 6 got there cutie marks, and Daring's sister is Derpy.. :pinkiehappy:

It's stories like this that I show to my non-brony friends to show my favorite aspects of the fandom.
well since there aren't any stars to give, have 5 Raritys :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

Weird. Last time, derpy was merrier to the doctor I think.:rainbowhuh::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh:
Also, y u call derpy ditsy?:facehoof:
And, pony's are weir:scootangel:d with names, so, you cant:trollestia: tell if their related.

Last time I checked (yesterday), Daring Do was light orange, not yellow. (To the commenters: Her name only has one "o".)


THAT IS SO SWEET !! :rainbowkiss:

Please explain with this sentence "“Have you found any?” her mother asked, raising a brow back at her " Is her mom, Ditzy asking Daring whether she has a coltfriend ?

And is her dad, Doctor Whooves or Time Turner ? Because of this sentence " earth pony, old and faded"

848434 Never heard of it, sorry.

848730 “I’ve been...you know, chasing treasure,” she replied lamely, scratching at the side of her head with a hoof.

“Have you found any(treasure)?” her mother asked, raising a brow back at her as she showed Dinky how to put the muffins in the oven safely. Daring had a flashback to when Ditzy had showed her the exact same thing.

And as for Daring's father, I leave that up to the imagination.



I see....

And there I was, reading without a single worry in the world, when suddenly...

Ditzy Do stared for the longest time

Wait, WHAT?! :rainbowderp:



I wonder what would happen if Dash finds out Daring is Ditzy's daugther... :rainbowderp:

She will think that's SO AWESOME!


848301THE BUCK IS HEADCANON?!?!:twilightangry2:


Personal conclusions relating to the show's characters and plot.

856697Oh , THANK YOU!!!I can't tell you HOW many conversationsI've had to fake!!:unsuresweetie:

Well this was really sweet! :pinkiesmile:

Given that I always think of Daring Do as Indiana Jones, I now have to rewatch "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and imagine Sean Connery playing Derpy.:ajbemused: Or maybe vice versa.

my mind was very fucked.:derpyderp1: but tis good work :moustache:

My head canon still has Daring as Ditzy's Grandmother, with Ditzy herself publishing the books under a pen name.

That said: dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png <Two thumbs up!)

I think I've got something in my heart.

848518 I like that idea, but they do refer to her sister in this as dinky.

ANYWAYS this story was great, nice little heart warmer.

Ooohh what is this? :rainbowderp:
Noice, noice.. :twilightsmile:
Ditsy mom!?!? :pinkiegasp:

Exemplary! Have a :rainbowkiss: for i have enjoyed this story manymuch so!


I was wondering the same thing....for that matter, how does Sparkler fit into the scene? Is this an AU or something?

1248830 so far I have seen Sparkler as Ditsy's daughter, Twilights daughter, and Twilights love. :twilightoops:Where does Sparkler fit?


Depends on which author you ask, really. By and large, though, My Sweetie is more or less my head canon, barring a few tweaks to her origin story in my projects.

848503 i know thats what caught me off gaurd too.

Amazing. I would have cried but I lost that ability long ago.:pinkiesad2:

Such a wonderful story. It makes me happy.:pinkiesmile:

2339818>>2036529>>2036164 Agreed :pinkiehappy:

Cry? From mirth maybe or pure joy. Is that what you meant? :applejackconfused:

i was wondering if i could use the cover art for my story? plz reply soon!:pinkiesmile:

2382501 Not my art :pinkiecrazy:

So just steal it. The artist can complain and ask for it to get taken down if he doesn't like it.

Love this. It brings on a new thought. I've always had my own head cannon of Ditzy being sisters with Darring but I've also always supported Ditzy, Time Turner/ Doctor Whooves pairing. Either way I loved it and wish that you would write more.

This headcanon is much better than Derpy and Daring being sisters. I give this a fave and a thumbs up. Very cute and heartfelt, you almost teased my feels... almost.

Meh, that does make sense. But I see Daring as Dash's mom. It would explain Dashie's athleticism. And would make Rainbow writing a story awkward if Daring was writing the books herself...

2610636 Speaking of Mothers of the Mane 6, I still say Captain Barricade of the Royal Guard is FlutterShy's Mother.


Family stories always make me smile. Well, happy-loving-accepting-despite-the-fears-of-the-main-character family stories anyways.


Ditzy and Dinky are mother and sister (do the math)

I laughed out load and woke the wife up when daring said she found the rosetta stone:rainbowlaugh:
Wife is not amused:ajbemused:

wow...what a twist!:twistnerd:

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