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Hit 'im wit the dougie.

comin' to kill your character

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Mingo Mango Mungo

Have you never seen anything more beautiful in your entire life?

I know I haven't

Greetings from Seattle, the land of delicious and partially nutritious coffee! Full-time student here studying to become part engineer, part pun-crime fighter, with maybe a little bit of a stripper when the mood calls for it. I don't do requests. No, not even for Happycamper.

I enjoy writing more as a hobby rather than some sort of career interest, and I always believe that everything I write is a learning experience rather than some sort of amazing "finished" work. I'm particularly interested in writing moderately sized romance and slice of life stories, but I can write other genres when the mood calls for it.

Bug horse is best pony

Marilize legajuana. pls

I run this clop sub over on Reddit. Yeah, what else am I supposed to say?

Roses are red
The mane six are brave
Changelings are spooky
I'd be Chryssy's love slave

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Ohhh, well, thank you for all of the favs! :twilightsmile:

1817447 a long time ago, I was faving your stories


Uh, I'm having a hard time remembering who you are if I met you before.

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