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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart Volume Three: Hybrid

Warden, the broken pegasus, his wife, Kuno the changeling, and their hybrid daughter, Swarm, continue their adventures in a wild, wacky world!

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Well... FUCK!!!! How the hell did she get her fangs back into him?

I'm pretty sure Cadence would know if something was up!! Why hasn't anypony just killed that bitch yet?

If they're too scared to do it, I've got a nice sharp knife here.

Oh, and that horrible filly? Related to Silver Spoon or Diamond Tiara in some way?

I clicked the donate link and I got here....

ya got me :rainbowkiss:

You tricky man.

Ooooo. :rainbowkiss: I like.

Awwwww shiiiiet. Chrissy up to her old tricks again. I'm VERY interested to see where this leads...
Oh yeah. Swarm is best fakeicorn. :trollestia:

I got what I was promised!

Nicelie trolled. :trollestia: approves.

Fav and like, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Yikes, well I sure hope that Shining isn't intentionally cheating on Cadance, cause I don't see that in his character at all.

Well now, Chrysalis is still alive I see... and she has not given up on her goals either. VERY interesting beginning. Once again, I find an awesome story before me, and I am pleased. :yay:

“Yeah, stupid Gale making me do wing push-ups. I think he enjoys seeing me in pain. What do you call people who enjoy seeing other people in pain?” Warden asked with a grimace.

This was simply priceless! Little moments like this that you capture so perfectly is one of the reasons your stories are so excellent. :twilightsmile:

“If she kisses you again, I want you to punch her in the throat,” Kuno said bluntly.

This is why I love Kuno so much! She's CRAZY! :pinkiecrazy:

The only error I was able to find...

“If… if Kuno had never come back, do you think that we… that is to say, do you think that you would have… fallen in love me?”

Shouldn't it be "fallen in love with me?"

So, is he under a spell, or no? I confuzzled...

3247312 So, five year itch? :applejackunsure:

GRRAHHHH! How did I not see this until now!?

The dirt levitating between the unicorn and the hybrid seemed to fizzle before dropping to the ground, inert.
a failsafe spell?
“M-miss Acumen says we’re not allowed to hurt each other!”
“I don’t think she ever told me that. And if she never told me, it must not be true,”
and that is why you dont mess with the daughter of a semi-deranged, sex-crazed changeling mare and a stallion whose love knows no ends (although he seems to be a bit ignorant about a great many things in that depot.)
Swarm smiled wickedly down at the foal, leaning down to whisper into one of her ears, “If you don’t leave me alone then my mommy is going to kill you.”
eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuupppppppppp! i know right then and there not to mess with her.
as for the ending? yup! she has no idea:rainbowlaugh:

“Your father is kind of a douche,” Kuno admitted with a frown.
“I know, right?”


Yay more slice of life goodness.

But shining armor, what are you doing?!?!?! Don't go two timing!!! :rainbowhuh::ajbemused::facehoof::unsuresweetie::raritydespair::pinkiegasp::derpyderp2::fluttershbad:

3247298 Shining's under the same love spell that Kuno put Warden under. Warden was only under it for a little over a year whereas Shining's been under it for years, so it's had a lot more time to alter his feelings and actions.

3247508 But didn't they take precautions for that exact scenario back at the end of story two? I'd swear there was a sequence where Kuno repeatedly put Shining under it and Cadance, Celestia, and Luna sat around and examined him until they could all detect the spell.

Edit: yeah, check Resolution.

well I hope Cadence finds out real quick

Ah, young love. Such power in that innocence. Let us have a brief moment of silence for young Wrought Iron and his brief time as a free male, before falling astray of our little cutie.

And as for Chrissy and her hooks into the brave Shining Armor... well, let me simply guess that there has to be *somebody* to feed the changeling, or she would just starve to death, and that the zookeepers are keeping a very strict watch on their docent.

3247555 Maybe Chrysalis altered it so it wasn't detected? Chrysalis might've put it on him at a later time during one of their interrogations and no one thought to check Shining after. That would be a rather massive oversight from the three princesses though.

Alternatively, it could all just be a ruse by Shining to keep her alive. While unlikely, it could all be to their plan to make Chrysalis believe he's under her spell.

Or, the mighty powers of Retcon: Changer of the Past are at play here. Let us not question His mighty ways!

I read all three of the books in this series and love them all. I can't wait to see what happens next.

YES!!! its here... more kuno, swarm and warden :pinkiehappy:

m... we get bad-ass swarm
and even Chrissy

Anonymous Pegasus you have outdone yourself

Five years, just like that? That escalated quickly.

That's what happens to bullies, eventually they pick the wrong pony to mess with. Thanks wrought iron, but swarms got this.

Y'know that is something I was wondering about with Kuno's spell. She took it off of Warden but he still loved her, so who says 5 years of casting it on Shining Armor can't accumulate something?

Hell yeah!, it's great to see new of this chapter this series of yours, I hope you keep the awesomeness that this story holds. :pinkiesmile:

that was fast. i thought you were gonna take a breather.. by the way, love the series. it is actualy what brought me to FIMFiction in the first place.:heart:

Some delicious conflict in the future! I can taste it.

Man, Shining Armor sucks. You think he would have learned from the first time around.

Also, I sense another parent-teacher conference in the near future.

I'm not sure if I'll like where this will end. Chrissy with Shining? I thought they wouldn't let him near her, considering that he was her target before.

Green Hoof gave a slightly cold nod. “I… I understand. So… how do these pollinate?”

Yes, Green Hoof. Avoid the topic about lost love with change of subject to how plants have sex.

Kuno’s eyes flashed again, and she gave a low growl, wrapping her hooves around him and squeezing tightly. “Mine.” Sooooooo bucking hot right there!:pinkiecrazy:

Shining better not be cheating on Cadence for real! I mean, I like drama as much as the next guy, but....


NNnnnoooo!!!! WTF!!!!! :flutterrage:

Shining, your a disgrace to me. You shall be banished

Knowing anon it may be shining trying to get somthing from chrysalis but he portrays it Ina. Way that makes him seem bad at first. Then be will explain how it isn't and it will be all happy and dandy the. We will find out it was what we thought in the first place in one great big mind fuck.

seriously? :pinkiehappy: i haven't hardly got into the first one, damn it man, write slower! ( i must be the only guy ever to say that here, :derpytongue2:)

well guess i need to catch up.

3247226 :pinkiegasp: How did you know they were pen pals?! Are... ARE YOU PSYCHIC?

GAH! For a minute there I got my changeling stories mixed up. I thought Shiny was Cocoon trying to do... something... but Cocoon and Chrysalis already teamed up and are currently attacking the Crystal empire and they've already captured Lightning Knight... or were they trying to get Shadow to kill Lightning... that story hasn't been updated in awhile.

3250725 I'm fairly positive it was already explained that Shining Armor was supposed to be a double agent.

Everything goes good, but your character descriptions are far too In your face blunt, and list like to flow well.
I know your writing well enough to look past it and keep reading, but it's not up to your usual standard. :ajbemused:

3248026 Chrysalis commented on the spell not working/being removed at the beginning of her section. Started the first story when it was new, stayed through the second and third, fourth one starts losing me after only one chapter... hell, feels like it's not even the same author.

Yeah, describing the characters in block paragraphs I don't think is really necessary. This is volume four of a series that builds on events of the last. People should pretty much know all that or they shouldn't be given that info so that they should read the others; because reading a series out of order is pointless, stupid, and makes it so that you really don't understand the depth of what is going on.

3250894 This is called 'mystery'. If I answered every single question about a character's motives the moment I showed them, then there wouldn't be much of a story to read, would there? :applejackunsure:


Huaghabwahaa! Volume four already? You are a machine!

Also, I'm suddenly swamped in story updates, wow :twilightoops:

And explicit art source. You little naughty one

You sir are perhaps my favorite author on this site, also I like the nice hook with Chrysalis, Swarm went badass fast and Kuno...you can't help but love her craziness :pinkiecrazy:

3251090 It's a temp cover picture until I get the one picture I ordered. Kuno licking the screen. It should be awesome. Or it'll look crap :fluttercry:

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