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Some call me crazy, I prefer loco. I'm just a history major who's pretty much a grade "A" sucker for RariPie, FlashShimmer, and Sunata.

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Finally On Break · 5:08am Dec 19th, 2015

I've been in school since the second week of July. Today my finals finally wrapped up and I again have free time. Let me say, it feels good to have feel time time again! Also, I just saw the new Star Wars today. Loved it.

So yeah.

I can get back to work on To Be Happy. I've had to put work on that on the back burner for the past two months as my university workload increased.

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Some random pony stuff I upload to Youtube.

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You still alive?

1882763 If I remember correctly I didn't consult a map when I put the town of EverGlade in the Equestrian North West. I think I based it off my own geographic position.

Hey uh, quick question. Is there a reason in Her Frontier, you put the frontier in the NorthWest? Is there a map you used, or was it just because?

Well, I'll certainly take it as a blessing that you'd wish us luck.

I did get a couple of big users to join, like Regidar and Vengeful Spirit

I'm hoping RainbowBob joins too:yay:

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