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Some call me crazy, I prefer loco. I'm just a history major who's pretty much a grade "A" sucker for RariPie, FlashShimmer, and Sunata.



Hey dad,

I got a real tough favor to ask you. I have this friend who's sorta down on her luck at the moment. I was wondering if maybe we could let her stay at the house with me until she gets back on her feet. I'm sure it wouldn't be for too long. With a little help I'm confident that she'll be able to turn her life around pretty quick. So what do you say?

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks. Added Sex tag for dialogue. Nothing explicit.

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omg that last bit....wtf my imagination is off the chart with this one

I believe Flash has made a dire mistake.

This is a seriously good story... it's completely self-contained and has a sort of 'soft' ending that gives you a sense that things are (eventually) going to turn out ok, but it could also serve as a prologue to something much, much bigger.

Out of all the post-RR fics I've read so far, I think this is actually my favorite representation of the Sirens; their personalities are distinct and endearing, and you get the sense that they're each trying to cope with the situation in their own way even though we only really get to hear Adagio's perspective.

Flash is also exactly what he needs to be here: a nice guy who is taking a risk because he wanted to help. That might come across as 'boring' to some people, but in a work this short, spending time fleshing out his backstory would just take away from the real point of the story, which is Flash's relationship with the Sirens, not Flash himself. If you were to continue I'm sure there would more more than ample opportunity for the guy to get some character development along the way.


(Also, socio-political hipster Aria is best Aria. Quick, somebody draw her drinking coffee while wearing a beret and glasses, :duck:)

5491730 I do have a sequel in mind. It would serve to further explore Flash's relationship with one of the sirens. When it'll get written I'm not sure but hopefully soon.

Glad you liked the story:twilightsmile:

In that case, I shall follow you so that I don't miss it when it arrives, :twilightsmile:


I would like to read that sequel too. Also, Flash need to get some development (and to grow a spine too).

Flash/Everysiren is a new one for me. But I like it! I think the interaction between Good Guy Flash Sentry and his alien fishpone-turned-human harem was hilarious.

Heh, wouldn't it be totally weird if the first to make it into his pants was Aria? Because I can actually see that happen. She's the only one ruthlessly direct enough to simply get him drunk and then carry him into her bed.

5495131 Harem? Hmm... I'm afraid the sequel won't increase Flash's relationship with the three girls in that sense. :unsuresweetie:

Oh, maybe not in the... 'adult' sense of the word. I understand that, teasing like it was done here is fine. But Adagio and Sonata both appear to be somewhat attracted to him, with no intention of getting in each other's way. That already constitutes a Harem by manga-romance standards, no?

5496593 Ah, I see. :twilightblush:
I always considered the Adagio and Sonata type of romance that you brought up as a love triangle with two sides though.


Personally I think the comedy harem (the decent, caste boy living with the innocent, the slut and the tsundere girls), Tenchi Muyo style would be funny enough to consider. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, I wonder if Adaggio was actually a bit honest at least in her last speech.

I think I can speak on behalf of everyone ever when I say that this needs to be a series. SO GOOD!

5506309 I left it ambiguous in case I decided to come back and make a sequel some time in the future. Hopefully I should start work on said sequel soon! :twilightsmile:

5504424 Ask and you shall receive. :raritywink:

This was a nice story! The sirens' personalities seemed a little different than they were in RR, but I think that just hints that the change Adagio says they're trying to avoid is already underway.

I smell a letter-to-Celestia-worthy lesson here, (maybe an email-to-Flash's-dad in this case) something along the lines of, despite the trio having gotten set into their ways after a thousand years, learning it's never to late to grow/change/be a better person. Something cheesy enough to make Aria cringe, I'm sure.


There is the underlying question about why Flash offered to the Sirens the compassion he denied to Sunset, despite she deserving it more.

5529432 Ha ha...oh boy. I wish I could say more about this but I can't. These lips are sealed...at least until the sequel.:raritywink:

Adagio laughed at the boys nervousness.


5615118 Now that's just embarrassing on my part. :ajbemused:
Thank you for pointing that out!:twilightsmile:

This is very interesting so far; I look forward to that sequel!

Flash would have been lying in he said he wouldn’t consider doing that if his parent’s house was set ablaze.


6052350 Thank you for pointing that out.:twilightsmile:

Which there was a full story about this. How Flash found them , trying to keep the secret from the school, the dazzlings actually growing close to flash and being found out by the human 7

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