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Q&A Post · 11:19pm Dec 28th, 2012

Hello again! BubbaJ14 here! If you have any questions for me, post them in the comments below. You could always ask in the comments under my stories, this is just another way for me to get to your questions. I will answer your inquires to the best of my ability. Thanks everyone!


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:twilightblush: Well, glad to meet a fellow Jeff Dunham fan! He's not my favourite but still a pretty talented guy.

1338989 Why yes, yes I am. Has nothing to do with my username though.:twilightsheepish:

Would you happen to be a Jeff Dunham fan?

Hello again! Thank you very much for the Fave of my story Every Little Bit. I'm very glad that you could enjoy my little peek into the world of Dash and Spike.:moustache::rainbowkiss:

Thank you for the Fave of Dear idiot! I'm glad that you could enjoy the piece.:twilightsmile:

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