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Starlight Glimmer, Dragons and Iguanas · 5:34am Nov 30th, 2015

Something about the season finale's been bothering me. Specifically, Starlight's backstory, motivation and redemption. I thought at first that I just needed some time to process it, but that feeling hasn't gone away yet. Something about it doesn't quite sit right, somehow.

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2428630 Thanks for writing it. T'was a good story. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave on Ember, Hoardsmelter.

2385065 There are a few, I think. You should be able to search for them on Youtube easily enough.

For example, searching for 'mlp integration' will get you this guy.

Is there any YouTuber that reads your storys

Your story inspired me to get a scene drawn by an artist, especailly one scene rhat makes me want know more anout the changelings. Im no writer but your story has helped inspire me with random scenes being drawn out in my head nd occasional hiring artist to get one drawn. Lol story in pic is just a summary, i need improve at later date. Thank you being insperational!

http://shadowzero20.deviantart.com/art/Visit-to-Underground-Ruins-655985741 something been wanting to do for long time that i fnally got done, she did good job

  • Viewing 61 - 65 of 65
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