This story is a sequel to That Changeling's a Pony!

Maxilla is an exiled changeling who resides in Baltimare and writes stories for a living. Life’s pretty normal and pony-like for her, until she’s visited by a very unusual fan who just won’t leave her alone.

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That OC isn't "Top Edge"! Liar!

Now, if you really want him to be top edge, he needs to be red and black, have mechanized bat wings, be an alicorn, be loved by Celestia and/or be Twilight's coltfriend, have defeated Discord, eat souls, wield a katana, and of course, be "motherly". And some hyper-realistic blood, too.

Celestia’s flank on a stick, I think I just made a friend!

You're in Equestria now! :moustache:

7683399 And he has to have a cyborg-eye.

7683435 'Course, 'course. Also make sure he is an angel who is also a demon that works as a demon hunter.


wield a katana

You're a little short on the number of katanas there buddy.

That was cute. Not surprising that someone related to Batsy would have a skewed view of things.

...Wonder how Max is going to react to what happened with Thorax and the changeling hive...

7683746 What, are you an idiot or something? This story is called "Top EDGE", NOT EDGES. What kind of terrible character creation would that be?

Besides, I don't want him to look OP. He's a very-well balanced character, you know.

Who’d want to read about some changeling posing as a fanfiction author, anyway?

That wouldn't be that bad, I think...

Many of us are bad like Doctor Caballeron, and most are even worse because we won’t monologue.

So evil!! In other words, Chrysalis isn't that evil...

Nice story!
If you mix Changelings with Batponies, what could possible go wrong?

Edit: fixed.

Ughh I still can't get over that ppl think that Harry Potter 'thestral' is anyway good name for batponies srsly how some ghost skeleton horse is in any way batpony ? Its because of wings and only because of it... then oh god its even worse

Snrk, that was great, but that batpony is dangerously cute.

Why do I have a feeling that by now the only changeling in the hive is the one who accused Max of being a point and even Chryssie had left to become the mayor of Las Pegasus or something? And that changeling is now busy accusing rocks of being ponies?


That was great. I really liked how you played with Max trying to deny her emotions throughout the story and the way you handled her crumbling justifications up until the realization at the end (which she'll probably try to explain away in the morning). The whole thing worked together very well, and the interplay between the two was absolutely adorable.

7683399 There's only so much abuse I'm willing to inflict on my readers. :twilightsheepish:

7683746 Heh, why stop at katanas? I hear that blades composed of pure energy are in fashion these days. Especially the ones powered by sheer angst.

7684975 Thanks for spotting the typo. Fixed! :twilightsmile:


...Wonder how Max is going to react to what happened with Thorax and the changeling hive...

Probably with lots of hysterical laughter, and crying once she realises that she may be subjected to the same fate. :raritydespair:

7684994 I'd say it's just because of the wings. Unless the fandom finds a more fitting term, it's probably going to stick because batpony sounds too much like a compound word as opposed to a species name.

7683433 Just wait till the irony hits her. :pinkiehappy:

7685565 Glad you had fun. Writing them was a blast. :twilightsmile:


7685756 I'm glad to hear it, and I really hope that means you are going to be doing more heavy duty writing in the near future. It has been far too long since the end of your other changeling stories for my tastes, and Max looks like she could be a great character to move forward with in a full story.

“Batsy is special.”

How special tho

Who’d want to read about some changeling posing as a fanfiction author, anyway?

Um...all of us? Reading this now?
...I'm not blowing your mind, am I? :trollestia:

This was a fun follow-up. I hope it's not the last one we see, either. :twilightsmile:

So, Daring Do being real isn't canon in this story?

7688347 Oh, she's real all right. Did I accidentally give the impression that she wasn't?

I demand a Top Edge plushy.

He must be snuggled.

Celestia’s flank on a stick, I think I just made a friend!

Strange, because I recall you saying you were getting a free meal, you stupid creature.

Cutting Edge and Bleeding Edge

Oh lord. :rainbowlaugh:

7691412 The whole deal with her internal monologue is that it's supposed to come off as unsure and as though she's becoming less of a heartless changeling into a more lovable changeling.


He's more upset that someone took his title of 'Top Edge', just let him have this.

7692546 What? No, I just thought the changeling was going to use the kid as a food source without his acknowledging it. That's pretty cruel.

Max is the hero everyone needs. At least in the fan-fiction world :rainbowlaugh:


i did not think i would enjoy a story with the name top edge. It would seem i have been proven wrong. How dare you. :rainbowkiss:

Moooaaarrrr :yay:

Well okay then. That happened.

Good story and omfg that picture is adorable!


Seriously though, great story! I would love to see Batsy come in the next installation somehow! <3

Awwww! Crap man that was cute as hell.

Nice job!

7693036 Batsy isn't my character, though, so I'm afraid it's not very likely. I just put it in there as an open-ended reference so people could decide on their own whether or not they wanted it to be the same Batsy.

Who’d want to read about some changeling posing as a fanfiction author, anyway?

Delightfully meta right there, I love it! :pinkiegasp:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

7693212 You could always ask. I've seen other people be granted the freedom to write stories and use characters from someone else's fanfiction. Whether as Side Stories, or as full blown crossovers.

Though in my headcanon it certainly MUST be the same Batsy! <3

I would STILL love to see a sequel, even if it was without Batsy ^^

Wait, but if Batsy is his sister, doesn't that mean that Top Edge's full name is Top Edge Fluffentuft?!:pinkiegasp:

SQUEE! :raritystarry: SO MUCH ADORABLENESS I CAN'T EVEN-- *dies from diabeetus*

7693244 Damn, you beat me to it! I love that quote. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a very good one-shot.

So does Maxilla find Daring Do and the Cipactli's Key to be too meta for her taste?

7697236 She'll probably have her mind blown if she ever finds out just how real Daring's adventures are. :pinkiegasp:

Even more when she realizes that Doomwing was a real pony.

7692807 You're wrong... She's the hero we DESERVE!

That was a cute story. The interaction between Max the changeling and Top Edge the bat pony was quite entertaining. :heart: :twilightsmile:

Celestia’s flank on a stick, I think I just made a friend!

No! :pinkiegasp:

Another great story!
Quick question, will there be any more continuations of this?
I didn't expect a continuation of the first story, so I guess it's possible.

No continuation? After that ending? Surely you don't intend to waste such potent potential do you?

7727707 Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on whether I can flesh out those ideas. :derpytongue2:

A few queens tried being nice to ponies once upon a time, but all they got was fear and rejection.

Bah! Typical cherngelerng lies! The queens even lie to their own offspring!

Lies on top of lies coated in a sour topping of half-truth! The whole species is a like an unholy hybrid of the CIA and KGB sired by Josef Goebbels!

And if that wasn't bad enough, then they turned into weird Skittles bugs with giant pincers on their heads! Diabolical! :trollestia:

Max grinned as she reverted to changeling form. “And that’s the whole secret. We’re all totally not special in our own special way, and that’s what everypony likes to see and read about.”

Unless it's a caped baldy who's the most absurdly overpowered characters of all time.

Then that's most awesomest! :trollestia:

Who’d want to read about some changeling posing as a fanfiction author, anyway?”

Well, Horizon seems to do fairly... I'll see myself out.

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