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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...

With My Little Pony generation 5 soon to be released, this contest is a final farewell to generation 4 and a hearty welcome to generation 5. The goal for this contest is to embrace the upcoming change with an open heart.

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Unfortunately, yes. Sorry.

Judges--could I ask for a progress update? I know you have a lot to read, but I'm just wondering how hyped I should be for the results.

Did I miss the contest..?

Oh gosh, I got the dates wrong--I thought this contest ended in June, not July--I was wondering what was taking so long to judge the entries, given there were so few of them! :pinkiesick:

Comment posted by brokenimage321 deleted Jul 6th, 2021

Not sure if I’ll come up with a winner, but I’ll give it a shot

Comment posted by 37212513 deleted Jun 19th, 2021

This contest will undoubtedly make me cry when all the submissions are put in.

Naturally, this means I will have to put one in myself.

Another contest? I might lose?

Screw it. I’ll give it a shot.


That music! It can only mean one thing! Jade Ring is coming to the ring, ready for another contest!

I, Shakespearicles, have arrived!

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