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Well your hard work clearly shows :raritywink:

Really happy to hear you say that ^^ I worked VERY hard on my OC's; I really wanted them to feel natural and fully fleshed out and not like some gary sue or wish fulfillment kind of character. Really glad to hear you like Rebel so much :raritywink: he was a kind of a last minute addition to the story really. Much as I love him and how everyone else does, I do admit he's a pain to write for as his unique line of dialog is tricky to come up with at times.

You're welcome, it's a really great read. I'm super jealous of your OCs, especially Rebel Streak, he has some of the coolest dialogue I've ever seen. Keep it up! XD

Thanks for putting "Strange yet wonderful" into your favorites section! I always value and appreciate people enjoying my story :pinkiehappy:.

You're very welcome. Looking forward to the next Luna and Supernova story. That is, if there are more

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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