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This group has been put together to try and create a full series of stories centered around the Student Six, taking place after the finale of Season 9 as the Students enter into their Junior year in the School of Friendship! Each story is structured like an episode of My Little Pony, and the whole series forms a complete season of adventure. Head on in to the forum and check us out, or follow one of the links below!

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Oh? Now I’m super curious.

I love this idea. It is an ambitious and worthy project, and I can't wait to see what it produces!

I must admit, RainbowDoubleDash's description of this project started me thinking of all sorts of episode-like stories featuring the Student Six.

Unfortunately, I don't think they're quite what is looked for here. (Plus, I have a alternate idea for a "season arc" also inspired in part by something in RDD's comments. So if I ever do write those stories, I'd probably weave them into that over-arcing narrative instead.) But I really look forward to this series of stories!

Also, depending on how things go, perhaps there should be a space to talk about each of the Student Six in turn: their characterization, their goals, their proposed characters arcs and growth (if any) across the season, etc.

That way, different writers who are working on stories involving the same character can coordinate and make sure the characterization is consistent from story to story, perhaps even have things set up in one story that pay off in another.

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Good idea; I'll make a series direction thread for that.

I would suggest you include a few things about the basic premise of the series to help catch people up and let them know where things are starting from.

This would be, for instance, the fact that the Villainous Trio will all ended up being unpetrified. Chrysalis ends up in the custody of the Changelings, TIrek is (I guess?) back in Tartarus and Cozy Glow is re-enrolled at the School of Friendship.

I'd also explain that the season builds towards the finale and the return of the monster Lavan.

This is such an exciting project and I'm glad to be part of it!

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