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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Two

Swarm is the first ever changeling/pony hybrid, child of Warden the pegasus, and Kuno the changeling.

What does life have in store for this unlikely trio?

Twists, for a start!

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Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted Apr 21st, 2013

ERMAGURD Pegasus i'ma hug the shit outa you :pinkiehappy:

Sweet Celestia, Luna and Faust!!!!
Edit: I'd just like to say that I didn't see the image in the background on the third one. It's more the comment than the picture!

After Swarm left they got BUSY!!!

Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted Apr 21st, 2013

Well seeing this in my notifications thoroughly made my day! At this rate I'm NEVER going to get any work done - Not that I care now I haz moar poniez & changelings & swarm. :twilightsmile:

2460744 dat last image left a solid scar in my love for changeling fic. :fluttercry:

2460911 I didn't even notice that bit...........oops! :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:
The important things is the caption, not the picture.

2460917 oh yes, but as they say, there's a thousand words in a picture :fluttershysad: but glad to see ya didn't mean it :pinkiesmile::heart:

2460921 Kuno is No.1 on my 'Protected Changelings' list. Anypony tries to hurt her and I'll be paying a........'visit,'

2460930 I don't know if she's #1 on my list of favorite oc changelings, but she's definitely on my top 3 that's for sure :pinkiehappy: I know there's Chocolate, Kuno, hmm, may have to review my top 10 but hey she's up there :twilightblush:

*Contracts diabeetus*
Too much... adorable... avenge mee...

Damn, I cannot wait to read this. Damn Aussie time zone.

2460967 I too come from the land of oztralya

Right, well that was rather good, but there's still something wrong with it.
It needs to have MOAR! :eeyup:

Best part about this? I'm new to Affliction, but I could tell what was going on. Sure, it involved less-then-desirable expository dialogue, but hell, AP, you handled it brilliantly.

I really hope that things go down, because as sickeningly sweet as this is, I can already smell the conflict a mile away.

2460940 I do not know of 'Chocolate', so she isn't on my list. Oh well, got a few hundred on mine anyways.

32 and 0 as of this posting.. Loved the story and I am waiting eagerly for the next.

2461045 want the name of the story I read her from? it's pretty good :pinkiehappy: almost as good a Dr. Pepper Float with caramel :pinkiehappy::heart:

2461063 Go on then, at least it will be another named one, instead of hundreds of random ones.

2461050 I have a screenshot of the original Affliction hitting near 200 likes and no dislikes. I think I still have it somewhere.

aaaanndd, no dislikes so far

:moustache: Let us start this epic adventure :rainbowdetermined2:

Cool story, bro. :)

Can't wait until the Shining Armor/Chrysalis side story, after you get done with this one. :)

This story just oozes with adoration.

Cute chapter. So far, so good.

Oh no!!!! The feels!!! There already here!!!!

Great chapter :pinkiehappy:

I'm in love, again!
Awesome job, AP.

I'm excited that the story goes on! Keep up the good work!

Mikey lovey! Want moar! NEED MOAR!!!

Before I pushed the 'like' button it was 59... after it was 72, ether this story gets likes fast or my opinion matters more...

2461325 feels like the characters casted a 'Want it, Need it' spell on you doesn't it :twistnerd:

2461339 was a good call then :rainbowlaugh: ... besides... the feeling. Is. MUTUAL!?! :pinkiecrazy::heart:
please make chapter 2 come out soon :fluttershysad::heart::scootangel:

Something tells me Swarm is gonna get bullied really bad at school, damn racist pony fillies!

I haven't even read this yet and I am already thinking this is going to fucking rock!

2461441 I'd actually find it more interesting if she became the bully and learned her lesson.

She does have the need to get good grades and stop others from racist remarks after all

I love this series so much! Already off to an awesome start!

I haven't even read it yet and I liked it! :pinkiehappy:

I lolled hard when they was telling her about Algebra. I HATED Algebra in school.


Yay! Hope to see more soon as always! :pinkiehappy:

2461683 what? just a single gallon?

Alert! there has been someone with the GALL to actually DISLIKE this story!

I pissed off my maths teacher SOOO many times by asking him when I was going to use this (referring to whatever we were learning) in real life. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, epic start to epic storyline!

Yay! Another one!

Also, I cannot even visualize how cute chirping changelings are. I just get a goofy grin every time it's mentioned.:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy:

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