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No Guarentee guys · 1:34am Feb 20th, 2015

But I feel I should at least attempt to finish the two popular stories I made so far. I'm going to be going over what I've written before and editing them in an attempt to get back into the groove I was in before the last two chapters of each which I felt were lackluster and part of the reason I decided to quit writing all together. Anyway I'm gonna be looking into this and likely posting some edits. but don't get your hopes up as I'm still not 100% sure I'm good with both and I've lost my

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Super God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

When can I read pen pals 2?


I guess I didn't really announce it but due to work and how I feel about the last 2 chapters of greyscale I have not had the urge to write it unless I make it all the way to the end instead of just posting scene after scene.

Hopefully, if I get internet access, I should be back to writing in October and god willing I will try my hardest on that and my other story I feel I have to write out.

I'll just post here to say, I hope life is treating you alright or better and then beg for more Greyscale. I doubt it'll accomplish anything but I can't give up on such an interesting story that was well written.

Ah, Masteroflagmeh! :twilightsmile: How nice of you to join me.

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