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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13


This story is a sequel to Tears in the Snow

It's been three days since Twilight found out she is pregnant. How will the Element of Magic confront dealing with her fiancé, the rigors of motherhood, and way too many hormones? With magic, and lots of bizarre food cravings.

Cover art by fuzzetch of DeviantArt

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... interesting. but 1 question. Who would wanna get it on with twilight?

Obviously Cerulean. Also, this. Is. Amazing. :rainbowlaugh:
This is even better than 'Ponytics'. Tracked.

why hello good sir, it apears we have not met. i am, The Guy Who Would Wanna Get It On With Twilight, it is a plesure to make your acquaintance.

363115 Oh, you must be new here. Im Max, and I write reviews... VERY important and speculated reviews. I also think that is absurd, to wanna get it on with twilight. Those kind of Bronies make me fucking sick.

363125 this has been a grand conversation ol' bean, but im afraid i must take my leave. i need to go make love to a certain purple pony. cheerio!

363163 Yeah, go eat your cherios while screwin twilight. Why dont you break the forth wall, "old chap?"


Gentlemen, if I can even consider you both that with how you are acting, I would appreciate it if you did not have your arguments here. Take it to PM's or something else.

363125 Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah, Never heard of ya, sorry.Not that I claim to know EVERYONE, but I know most pre-readers, and I've never heard of you. And who said anything about wanting to get it on with Twi as a Human? Seriously, WTH.

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

363205 And quite far from irritated. I just invited you to go and screw you, if you can. Shes all yours, pal

OMG the republicans were right. There after my baby. They took my baby they took my baby. God damn you Michele Bachman they took my baby. for more please visit www.deadbabyjokes.getalife.com

363218 You don't know me because I don't review terrible stories like this. Look up better stories, and you'll find me. Besides, name 5 well known reviewers.

This is a interesting chapter and story, I cant wait for the next and the rest of the story.

This is beautiful.

Flutter-licious, one might even say. :yay:

Woah what happened to love and tolerate guys? And MaxBrony if you read all of "Tears in the Snow" I think you would understand this whole story :derpytongue2:

363205 Shit happens, man. I forgive you. Brohoof? *holds out fist*

Dear god this is to funny:pinkiehappy:

363234 Well, just well known period? If 'well-known' is all that's required, not to be vain, but I can name myself, for starters. It's hard to go anywhere and find somepony that hasn't heard of Magical Trevor. Then there's Kim Fluttershy Dykas, secondly. Bugsydor is fairly well-known as well, but he's more of a pre-reader, so I won't count him. There's JKinsley, Midnight Shadow, TwilightSnarkle, Vanner, Umbra... I could keep going, but I won't waste my time. I have more stories to pre-read, and don't have time to waste here with you, sorry. Have a great day.

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

36336 Well, theres your answer. Im not a pre-reader, im a reviewer. If you are a fan of, dare I say, READING the comments, then you would find me.

Max out

363234 Alright now. Climb off your pedestal now before you fall and hurt yourself.
I read many popular stories and have yet to see you once.

:twilightsheepish: it story is made laugh so hard at the idea twilight being a raper/pole dancer:rainbowlaugh:

363478 My pedistal? Sir, you are way off. I never said i was famous. I said some people rely on my reviews.

You said you write very important and speculated reviews. That sounds to me like you're calling yourself Famous.

364815 Important to my friends, speculated by my friends. Why am I getting the short end of the stick for being modest?

Cerulean! I think you dropped this!

Good thing I caught up to you; you almost lost this. :pinkiehappy:

364819 Modest? You're an arrogant twat who won't stop throwing his weight around.

I had... NO IDEA this story would get this big of a reaction. Honestly, I started this as a side project for fans of "Tears in the Snow," and coming back home after work to find 110 notifications in my inbox just about made my mind explode. MaxBrony, if this is so abhorrent to you, why must you continue to comment? (and thus, you will comment yet again because I asked, I am aware. Or you won't, just to try and prove me wrong. Take your pick.) For fans of Tears, enjoy. :heart: For haters... meh, just go away. Thank you.

Oh, and for the record Max? I wouldn't f*** a pony. :pinkiesick: If you read Tears, maybe you would understand. But hey, it's a terrible story, so why bother? :facehoof:

365094 Im sorry you feel that way. Here, let me check in my pockets to see if I have any fucks to give. Nope, im all out of fucks to give.

365168 Hey hey hey. Im not the bad guy. Im not A bad guy. Its these cunts who think its funny to anger one of their own "kind." Don't we have enough to worry about. And BTW, your story wasnt bad, Its just not my type.

Vile seeing comment wars on storys such as this, to each his own, leave well enough alone... ect ect..

Had a day off from work and such, was bored and looking for a fic, found this and tracked it back to the "Tears" Fic, both are pretty good, prolly gonna go ahead & read your other fic while I'm at it... Yeah I'm horrible at reviews...

Damn ponies, they drive me to insomnia :twilightangry2:

Also the stuff with Fluttershy? Freaking funny as hell, bravo good sir

Dear... Jesus...
Can't... Stop... Laughing:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Oh man, just read this in the middle of a boring meeting, and wow am I having a hard time keeping myself from laughing.

>Popular with the rising generation

Everypony has their TV in the closet; the tape is from Twilight's teens.
Some amount of time has passed.

Aside from that, I could see nothing 'wrong'.:pinkiehappy:


I agree with you so much. I had to walk around for a few minutes to calm myself from laughing so much.

Yeah, when Magical Trevor comments on your story and it's a good one, I'm sure even people who have been on here for just a week know that it's perfect reason to pull a Twilight and go all 'YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!' all over the room you are currently in.

363125 Dear MaxBrony,
My name is Robert, but I am commonly known among my friends as "Bob". I have recently discovered that I have been converted into a firm believer that Twilight is best pony. I don't know how it happened or why, but one thing is clear: I would, "get it on" as you put it, with Miss Twilight Sparkle.

However, I must confess that Luna is, in fact, the most attractive pony. I will not deny my feelings for this immortal princess of the night.

376568 Just cut the high class crap, and talk normally. I know for a fact thats not the way you talk in real life. Secondly, believe what you want, but due to voting, Rainbow Dash was voted to be the best pony. Im not saying that you can't BELIEVE that Twilight is, nor completely disregard that due to numbers, Rainbow is. and besides, it was a little question, that sparked up a fucking CONTROVERSY over me because people obviously cannot discriminate between a comment or statement, nor can they accept the fact that all their bullshit about me acting all "high and mighty" is all in their heads. I don't think im better than anybody else, nor do I think that Rainbow outshines other ponies. The day Bronies hate on other Bronies is the day I find a new hobby.

loved it!! can't wait for more!! i LOLed a lot :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, so here is the deal. Updates on this will likely arrive in chunks of two or three chapters, about a week between updates. However, I will soon hit a road block. I started this project just before Twilight was confirmed to have a brother, which changes things significantly. That being said, I will have to incorporate the wedding into this somehow, and as such must wait until the season finale to conclude this story. At least, that's the plan for now.

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