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For the past year, Spike has lov-liked Rarity. However, when Twilight lays down flat his chances with the beautful unicorn, Spike is devastated. By chance, he meets a strange pony, who offers him help on his love affairs.

WARNING: Some comments talk about the story and some very spoilerish things. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE STORY! It will remove all the fun of some scenes. It is advised that you read first and comment later.

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I'm keeping track, this is interesting.

Yay, Sparity for the win!
My favourite couple :D
I'll read this later, when it's finished ^.^

Another graduate of SALT, eh? Interesting story so far; I may just come back for more :moustache:

Very interesting I'm gonna keep an eye on this.

please continue the story quickly.

Hmm interesting style. Its acceptable I'm guessing the word order is more closely related to your native language then anything. That being said if your story ends up with Rarity falling for this stallion I will be bemused :ajbemused:

Anywho, come on Spike don't be down man Rarity and you could be the first someone's always gotta be the first after all.

You have my attention, impress me :moustache:


Ohhhh... The desire to spoil is strong in me! :pinkiehappy:

610948 Your native language is German huh. If not that joke isn't half as funny as it could be.

Actually, I'm brazilian. And sorry about the joke not being funny but don't worry, I think you'll like where this is going:pinkiesmile:

611240 It was funny. It was just funnier if your German because that's the word order that Yoda speaks in.


Second chapter it's 1/3 done. When I finish it I'm going to ask a friend to edit it and possibly will get it done some time between tuesday or wednesday, if all goes well.

However, college is getting tougher right now, so I might just stick to writing on weekends. We'll see how it all goes. But have no fear, I'll get chapter 2 done even if it kills me, for its ending shall KILL you guys with curiosity :pinkiehappy:


I assure you, this will be very interesting. And its successors as well (hint hint)

Good read and great way to end with so many questions unresolved! I'm very interested to see how this continues.


Working on chapter 2 as we speak. I'd say it's 50% done. I got chips, I got warm beer and I got a head bursting with ideas! :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait much longer or else I'll :pinkiecrazy:


Really, REALLY sorry for the delay. I was caught up in some College stuff. I had a project due yesterday, and since I'm the best on the subject, everyone in my class asked for my help each and everyday, which left me with little to no time to write.

But I'll tell you this: The number of words on chapter 2 is... Wait a sec. Vegeta, can you give me a hand over here?


Really, I'm not joking. Well, except for the Vegeta part, that was the joke bit :pinkiehappy:

But really, this means I'll probably break the chapter in 2 parts, which means you guys will get 2 chapters in a row! Are you excited? 'Cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited, well except for the time I submitted the story, saw the views and went :pinkiegasp:

But I mean, really, who can top that?!

Gonna get wasted on my B-Daaaaaaay! :pinkiecrazy:

655252 sounds like a good plan to me.

I'm guessing you or a close friend have some martial arts experience. You used a lot of sound information; I'm quite impressed by the details. It really does hurt like hell having your shoulder relocated. Fluttershy must not use fire very often for her treatment, she could of used Spike fire breath and claw to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. That hurts like hell to... But eventually you get used to pain after all.


You were close. While I did practice martial arts for 3 years, the information I got was from my mother, who is a doctor. I presented to her the situation and she told me what to do. Calterizing the wound would have worked as well, but using sugar to coat it helps scabing, although in the long run, but since it causes no pain, it's a better alternative.

655376 Indeed but cauterization would of been faster considering the concern for the rate blood was being lost. Notably I fully agree the sugar is the more pleasant and preferred solution. A judgment call. It does leave a nasty mark though. I actually couldn't help but compare his scars to mine as I read.

I feel like Spike is importan wicth is rare not many people care for the guy. Can he no it cant be can it? can he be "THE CHOSSEN ONE"

Na im just joking or I'm I


I like your OC so far. Can't wait for more!



Glad you liked him. Not so sure you'll like him later, but we'll see.

And you have NO IDEA how long it took to come up with his name.

Excellent start! I'm really enjoying what you've got written so far, and look forward to seeing more. You're striking a good balance of plot (not that kind) and mystery. Your OC pony is superbly written, which is a rare thing, so congrats on that! And Spike and Rarity are, of course, being adorable. As they should be. You've earned yourself a moustache!Spike. :moustache: Keep going! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Interesting story so far. I look forward to seeing where you take it.

Please Good Sir/Madam may we have another?


That would be sir. I like being called sir, makes me feel like a sir :moustache:

But I won't make promises I can't keep. College is getting really ugly right now. My biggest project is due in 2 weeks and then I'll have finals. Funny how the finals are the things I'm least worried about :rainbowhuh:

But after that, you can expect chapters pouring in, I can guarantee it :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy, this is tagged sad so I might as well prep myself for the feels.


Sounds all bad? What do you mean? :rainbowhuh:

"Um, okay. this stallion" This needs capped so does Granny Smith.

"there for at the drop of a hat" you need a me after for.

Great chapter though, ah Spike the best laid plans of ponies and dragons. Also silly Spike ponies are always naked.

Oh lordy lord spike be making a deal with the devil

674868 Sounds like a deal with the devil to me. whatever it is its good so far.


Not quite, but you're getting warmer :pinkiehappy:


Sorry to break it to you, but although Discord is a favorite character of mine because of the excellent voice acting, he will not be featured in this story. Or any other.

If it helps, I made a video using him as my inspiration, right here: Discord's Nightclub

Sheogorath? Haha (From the elder scrolls universe)

I can see where this is going, and I can't wait for more. :moustache:


Chapter 4 is cooking as we speak! Just took me a little nudge in the right direction, that's all :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic Chapter.

Keep up the good work and I can not wait to see what events unfold due to Spike's desiction

Great read so far! Can't wait to see the next piece! What a heart breaker for Spike tho! Makes me upset at my favorite pony :ajsleepy:

(Rarity response: :duck: problem?)


my reaction to your comment:


Thank you so much. And yes, I'm a bit emotional. Just finished writing a scene that should make the readers snivel a bit. I know I did. And I'm writing the goddamn thing!

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