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It's a beautiful afternoon in Equestria, with the sun shining and the birds chirping sweet melodies that fill the air. A perfect day to... get drunk at the local saloon and rant about mares with the bartender?

Part of the SALT Colab, it's a comedy with ponies and alcohol. HUZZAH!

WARNING: There is some minor alcoholic and sexual theming in this story. If you have no problem with any of those, feel free to have a laugh at the random rants of a drunken pony

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Applejack is the bride:ajsmug:. And I have no idea whom the groom is.

Good, good. And what about the 2 stallions next to the altar? :ajsmug:

Since we already discussed the characters, I shouldn't answer that question. HOWEVER. Will there be anymore Bowlegs at some point? He's fun! :pinkiehappy:

Won't make any promises, but we'll see :ajsmug:

Another congratulations from me to my SALTy companions. Great job at releasing this story. The deadlne has been met and it seems like a couple of great fics have come out of it.

Thanks Firebird! Yours was great too! But I'm not so sure about the deadline, it was kinda confusing this time. I ended up posting it by 22:30, by my country's time, and I'm not even sure if it was earlier or later than the agreed time :twilightoops:

I posted just a bit late, and here, 13 hours later, my fic still has not gone through the mods. So, as long as it got up, I think you did fine.

Alright, read through and thoughts: it was good, well written and funny, but in the end it felt a bit like a joke without a punchline. The entire fic was setting itself up for the AJ-Bowlegs confrontation, which... didn't really happen. I can't help but feel like this is a story without an ending, and it definitely deserves one. It's... Anti-climatic

Oh, and smile: you're in the archive.


Congrats, you figured it out: there's moar along the way :pinkiehappy:

It's not a sequel, but a prequel to what happens here. The story was supposed to end with Bowlegs crashing a random wedding, going out to find the right one and declare his love to one of the mane 6 or the CMC (I was still deciding which one was going to be funnier at the time). However, I saw an opportunity to do some foreshadowing (aftershadowing? I don't know =p) to a story I'm going to write after Violet Fire, so I took it. Not going to get into too much detail, but it involves the main characters of this story and an extra few :ajsmug:

732830 That... makes it so much better. I was wondering if you'd ran out of time or something. It's good to know it'll continue.

Oh, and have an extra :ajsmug:


Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:
However, AJ's story is still a while away from actually happening. I'm going to finish Violet Fire first, then I'll get on another story and then I'll get to hers

730930 One is Applejack's cousin, from Appleoosa right? The other is the groom's friend, I can't figure out either...


Pro tip: Read Violet Fire :pinkiehappy:


In my queue for sure. If you're that good at this story, I can't wait for the prelude? Aftermath? Not sure, but whatever it is I can't wait!

730645 O EM GEE ur RIGHT!!!! :rainbowhuh:

Must... resist... urge... to... write... AJ's.. story :fluttershyouch:

856292 dont resist Let it flow! :scootangel:

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