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This is a site about Ponies..... Why is it so awesome?


An ancient evil is about to rise from a third alicorn, and our only hope lies in the claws of a young dragon. Will he be able to stop this evil? Or will he die without telling the one he loves how he truly feels.

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I'll read it later... seems good :raritywink:

damnnnnn this is awesome, i can't wait for the next chapter dude :twilightsmile:

This awesome so far! Definately faving it!

love it, but you need an editor/proofreader.

I second this, fantastic start and a great idea, just find a good proofreader and you'll be golden :scootangel:

Sounds great so far!


This is very good, but you may want to find a proof reader as said in the above comments. You have potential, keep it up.

This is awesome indeed. :rainbowdetermined2: I can't wait to see how far you will take this story. :twilightsheepish:

good when is the next one coming out


the next one should be up within the next 3 to 5 days, i have other things to do, another stroy to write and stuff like that.
CH 2 is about a third done, and i need to edit it as well, cause some people think i need to an editor not to mention any names....
so all i can say for sure is it'll be soon. this story has become quite popular and i have no plans to cancel it.

Sparity forever!!! :moustache::raritywink:

So the site went down for awhile....... that kinda blows.
but what doesn't blow is the fact that it gave me a lot of free time to type instead of read
so i guess we all win or something.....
anyways i hope you enjoyed the chapter. please rate, comment, fav, and all that good stuff

now excuse me........ i've been typing for 6 hours straight and i have to snap my fingers back in place:pinkiehappy:

Tried and want to go to bed. Go to Fimfiction one last time for any updates. Find this. FUCK SLEEP IM READING POINES.


Awesome so far can't wait for more

I could not stop laughing at the begining and the fight. You did what i wish i could do with this story you sir are a real Barney Stinson.

This is quite a long chapter. Nice job.
A couple mistakes though.
Spike needs to be capitalized in paragraph 16.
Sometimes you used were instead of we're.
Anyway, I'll reread it later and list them for you later.

Bring us another ASAP.
Also, Spike has his pimp swag again. :moustache:

This is so extreamly diffrent then a very special some pony and i love it.

This is written much....... bolder and it works so amazingly you can actualy feel how much more spike has grown, his combat prowes, sexuality, and everything just feels extreamly solid and for once i feel like spike is being portrayed as the fire breathing bad ass that most people attempt to do and largely fail at (seriosuly how do so many authors put spike in combat situations and completely ignore the fire breath). Rage inspired strength was a great touch, though it seems that spike needs to learn to channel it a bit better (not that im complaning about the joker style moment of insanity mind you), and easily visualized combat is hard to really pull off but you nailed it across the board.

Nice to see a change in style between storys and how you work both into their respecitve stories perfectly keep it up can't wait for more.

Daaaaaaaamn, Spike FUCKED them up! I too demand more of this awesome story :eeyup:

Whoa. THAT. WAS. INTENSE! :pinkiehappy: The fight scene was crazy awesome! I love how you made Spike in this, like how mature he got over the years. :twilightsmile:

I think we can agree Spike is a bad-ass

Don't you love misunderstandings? they're soooooooooo cool!! :derpytongue2:
anyways i hope y'all like this chapter, i know i did.
so leave a comment, favorite it, track it most definitly so.

and for those ponies without Fimfiction accounts, please make one :pinkiehappy:

thank you and good night!!!

Just finished it is rather BAD-ASS

496162 I prefer the godlike falling into her chest misunderstanding but this certianly adds the push Rarity needs to go get her man. It is funny though how people only ever seem to catch the worst part of the conversation and kill the context.

work of art!!!

Man I was worry all I find here was clopfics or poorly

Never stop writing mate,

It takes skill to do what you did without turning to
Lust/sex type story


I had to read this chapter twice. It was that awesome :eeyup:

I enjoy these kind of romances. that being i do hope that it doesn't go too far from kisses and nudges. Like someone said before, it takes a special kind of skill to get a story like this.

though i can't believe i'm saying, don't rush the chapters, keep the story and writing a top priority, i can't tell ow sad it is to see a great plot go down the pan because the writer feels he needs to keep updating as fast as possible. An excellent read none the less


Fuck that, new story update.

need... next... chapter!

Fantastic chapter man, loving the story here, though you should really consider getting a pre-reader to lend a hand, just to help you clean up the grammatical errors. Loving it otherwise tho. :twilightsheepish:

...Amazing. It was a great idea to put this away for later and read it!

Keep on going, FlimFlam! You're doing awesomely.

yet again another amazing chapter, I'm Writing a story I hope its half has good as your :yay:

Awesome! I loved every bit of it! :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to see what happens next.

WHAT? another chapter already? Somepony has too much time on his hands......
No in all seriousness the second i got the draft for this chapter i was glued to my keyboard. i hope its editied a bit better, still looking for a pony to proofread so i usually do it myself.
anyways i hope that this chapter pleases you in a matter only this story can :ajsmug:

same deal as always: plase rate, track and comment. ecespecally comment, they're what keep me going through all this :pinkiehappy:

also it's my Birthday so ~yay. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2::pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile::duck::moustache::trollestia::yay::scootangel::derpytongue2::ajsmug::twilightblush::moustache:

Live long and Tolerate

P.S. Wet Rarity Is Best Rarity


Happy birthday!!! :pinkiehappy:
Love your work on this chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.

In the meantime...go forth my army of cute party ponies!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

First off that was the most d'awww inducing thing I've read all week. There are a few of my thoughts of this chapter.
_ "He's a jackass"- thankfully no donkeys heard that racist joke. It made me laugh.
_Best line in the whole fic: "I’m just the janitor for an OCD unicorn who’s fallen asleep and drooled on half the books in the library." :rainbowlaugh:
_ Bon Bon and Lyra were great and I loved Spike's bad ass retelling of what happened to The Diamond Dog.
_The show and fan fiction writers need to introduce Eastern dragons because while in Western culture they are symbols of greed, destruction and chaos, the opposite is true in Eastern mythology: luck, virtue and peace There is also Kirins (horse dragon hybrid) as well, just saiyan.
_Great use of that image in your fic.

This was just a well made chapter of a great fic. This chapter was well paced, the jokes were funny and the emotional parts were emotional. I always wanted a fic that balances d'awww, action and comedy and this comes really close to those requirements.

"So J Jonah Jameson what did you think of this chapter?"


My other reaction:


Peace Out.

Happy birthday.

“Spike, if you feel that way about her, you should go tell her that.”

She batted her eyes and gave him a sexy little grin.

Ok thats it for errors on my end now to my usual rant. That was some chapter, i may be drooling a bit at the tastyness of that awsomesauce, very emotional. You really set the mood for each part extramly well the sorrow was heartbreaking, Spikes story telling was enthralling and fantasticaly dark, and that ending /shiver perfect.

One thing though with the whole diamond dog part and the added part in this chapter im wondering if this should be getting a dark tag or even raised to a mature rating neither of which are bad things they allow you to do more with the story certainly, but still something i felt needed to be pointed out.

Anywho keep writing more cause the world can't handel not having this awsomeness in it now that its been presented.

P.S. Happy B-day

Wooo! Awesome chapter! :twilightsmile: Oh, and happy birthday too! :pinkiehappy:

“I choose you Spike.”
Rarity, that only works with Pokemon.

508830 Spikes going to get laid..... or at least he better :pinkiecrazy:....... but something tells me they didn't decide to have their first time on a balcony above a large party that contained half the town and all their friends :trollestia:

507753 happy birthday damn I regret not reading this earlier you my friend can write like a angel don't stop your genius is showing. :yay:

DAMN!!! Spike went Space Marine on those dogs! I like it! I look forward to more chapters. :pinkiehappy: And referring to th elast chapter, all i have to say it....hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot..... :)

You good sir, have earned a well deserved brohoof!


WOW looks like you writing this was a great idea you had.
Thank you for doing this you cant belive how happy I feel reading this knowingIi had a small part in it. you sir are a god among men.


Hey, without you, there is no story!

518043 Thank you but hey it was a team effort!
Mane 6 cant fight evil unless their all there.

Still props to your writing skills.

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