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I'm a comic artist and illustrator. And my fav MLP is Rarity, also love Sparity. my dA http://pia-sama.deviantart.com


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I created a group for the conetst so you can read the entries and also it's easier to find the stories
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Also now the deadline was moved to September 30th

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Sparity : Best Pony + Best dragon= win

Some people just hate Sparity, because they say it's pedophile and interespecies pairing.But remember Equestria is a completelly different place than our world, in the first place. So I think it's like too much the interespecies thing. I mean, they both have feelings, can speak. They're only different in their genetic, so why couldn't they fall in love for eachother? Now, the pedophile thing. I think is not pedophile, because we don't even know how old is Rarity or Spike. But they sure don't have a really big age gap. Yeah, right, Spike is a "baby" dragon, but is specified in the series itself dragons have a slower growing rate than ponies. So, even when he's a baby in body, he's not a baby in his mind and feelings. It's more like a teenager or young adult in a baby's body. Also, he even has adult responsabilities. So nobody is talking about child exploitation,but they insist he's a baby so it's pedophile. I tell them: nope. It is not. But, because of this is a childrens' program, I think Spike needs to grow up in body at least a bit to be with Rarity. Just because for a kids program ambiguity can't exist in this kind of matters.
Now, for the characters development, I think Sparity as better pairing for both Rare and Spike. I really hate when Rarity falls for a fancy guy, it's just like, come one, she's a Rarity, so if she just choose another Blueblood or Fancypants (even when he's a nice guy though) it would be like an obvious thing and it shows she keeps being the superficial pony that she seems to be when you don't really know her. I think Rarity is more than that,and falling for Spike would confirm she really loves somepony for what he is inside, not only for his appeareance or his status. Also, they both have a lot in common, and I do not think these are just coincidences. Both love gems, Rarity can find them and Spike can help her to not having to touch the dirt lol
Spike is from Canterlot and certainly has some conections with it, and with some ponies that could help Rarity in her carreer, also they both could go together to Canterlot and Spike could show her the city he surely know very well and better than her since he lived there during his childhood (or part of it since he's a baby dragon xD). Who else would be moreinterested on having a tour through the city than Rarity?
And what is more interesting, is the thing about greed and generosity they both share. She'sthe element of generosity while he's the representation of greed, so she's the best one to can help him to overcome his greed. She even was the one who made the generosity awake into Spike's heart, and he was able to overcome the giant dragon issue, and be back to be himself. Yeah it's true Rarity sometimes seems to be mean and take advantage ofhim, but then here's why he also can help to her growing as character. She aknowledged him after he gave her the Fire Ruby, so started being more nice to him after that. I still think she could be waiting for him to grow up a bit so maybe give him a chance in romantic termns.
Well, I hope Iexplained some of the main reasons of my obsession with this couple :raritywink:
Now, that's why all my fics are sparity lol

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Sorry, just wanted to put it out there.😅 And you are amazing, be safe, and have the best of luck during these times.:pinkiehappy:

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Thanks to you for that wonderful story :raritywink:

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